QLD 15 yr old lied about being 16 and had sex with 20 year old?

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10 June 2018
I lied to my boyfriend that I'm 16 and we had sex a couple times but I forgot that I lied to him about my age. My mum has found his boxers in my room and a receipt for emergency contraceptive pills and she keeps threatening that she'll report him to the police. I recently turned 16 but we did have sex before that... Everything was consensual but I know it will still be considered statutory r**e.. Will he go to jail or just get fined? What could be the worst outcome of this? And what is the most likely punishment he'll face?


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6 April 2016
What authorities will be looking for are signs of coaching or manipulation on his part to get in your pants. You may not even realize that he has done this (if he did?)

Was the relationship a secret? Or were you both known generally as boyfriend and girlfriend?

If no to above, that is still not enough.

Did you lie to him about your age in any text or email? That will be a significant defense, but not an absolute defense. The only absolute defense would be you having a false ID that any reasonable person would believe as valid.

Your mother has no proof you had sex, but if she reports it, police will likely action it vigorously. In which case, you may want face to face legal advice if you want to protect your boyfriend.


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8 June 2018
To protect your boyfriend you would need to choose him over your mom.
Firstly, is there solid proof of having sex? These a can be found if they sample your vagina for foreign genetic material. Sperm live up to 3 days in it.
Secondly, what are other possible reasons of having bought contraceptive pills?
Could be your curiosity of how those pill works?
Then what are reasons of your boyfriend's boxer at your place?
Could be your boyfriend took a shower at your place?
or if I hate my mom, I just wanted to sniff it, is that a crime?

But after all the law is there to protect you not your boyfriend and I cannot justify your boyfriend's actions if he actually knows that you are underage.
But if he is innocent and trust worthy and not have manipulated you (Ref Clancy) then do what you think is right.


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3 June 2018
The offence is Sexual Penetration of a Child Under the age of 16.

It will need to be proven that he was aware of your age. This can be done in several ways. If so, you MAY be spoken to and asked to provide a statement.

Sorry, but a Forensic Medical is not going to be done under these circumstances. So don't concern yourself with that.