statutory rape

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  1. J

    QLD 15 yr old lied about being 16 and had sex with 20 year old?

    I lied to my boyfriend that I'm 16 and we had sex a couple times but I forgot that I lied to him about my age. My mum has found his boxers in my room and a receipt for emergency contraceptive pills and she keeps threatening that she'll report him to the police. I recently turned 16 but we did...
  2. M

    QLD What Does the Law Say about Statutory r**e?

    Hi can anyone explain statutory r**e laws? A child who is 16 with a man who is 32. Is that legal?
  3. J

    QLD 15-Year-Old Sister is Pregnant - Statutory r**e under Criminal Law?

    My sister is 15 and pregnant and her boyfriend is 20. I need to know if he can go on the birth certificate without getting done for statutory r**e under criminal law.
  4. RetiringBiscuit

    QLD Statutory r**e and Child Pornography?

    So my friends and I having an argument about this subject: What are the rules behind this? Such as if a 16 year old has intercourse with say a 14 year old, would that be considered Statutory r**e? And what would be the criminal law penalties of that? And we are also arguing about a 16 year...
  5. Toqual

    NSW Statutory r**e NSW Crimes Act?

    Hi all, Under what section of the NSW Crimes Act Legislation does it outline statutory r**e? As in, the indication that an 18 year old can not have sexual intercourse with a 16 year old. Thank you.