VIC Wrongfully Accused of Shoplifting Can I receive compensation?

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17 July 2018
Yesterday I bought $17 worth of groceries at a supermarket after work. I was followed out of the shop by a plainclothes security guard and down the escalator .on to the street. He said Excuse me miss you did not pay for your groceries I told him I had paid for the groceries and my debit card had shown approved at the self service checkout. He was not listening . I knew i had nothing to hide. He said that I had not even tried to pay for the groceries that I had just walked out of the shop with a bag of groceries. He said he had video footage of me steeling. I was escorted back into the shop and asked to wait at the back of the shop with two guards making sure that I do not make a run for it. I asked to see the footage of me stealing. He lied he actually did not have any footage of me stealing. I showed him the approved transaction for 17.75 on my banking app He said he had made a mistake because he was given the wrong information I am very distressed depressed and anxious. I contacted the supermarket's complaints area I have had no response.
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5 January 2018
Was the person polite and professional in dealing with you? did he act in anyway to draw attention to your situation publicly? If no such things happened, and the staff were professional and polite in dealing with you and aplogised to you, then their explanation is reasonable, mistakes do happen and it can happen to anyone. So I think it would be OK to let it go and don't worry about it as you know that it is a mistake on their part and not intended to offend you at all. Don't forget they are doing their job, and in future, I'm sure they will show respect.

Unless the staff were rude and were not professional, then I think you can do something, better talk to someone about it, I am not sure what, but I thought to give this advice to make it easier for you.

Good luck.