VIC Coles shoplifting - Loss prevention officers

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24 May 2021
I would like some legal advice, I was wrong and stupid and now terrified of the consequences. I stole approximately $145 worth of items from Coles supermarket in Victoria. I had been to other shops and had multiple bags in my trolly. Undercover security guards or loss prevention officers followed me to the car, asked to look in my bags, to come with them, threatened to call police. They either took photos or filmed me. Obviously there will be CCTV footage as well. I didn’t identify myself to them, just got in the car and drove away.

Should I be worried police will contact me? Should I call the store, apologize saying it was accidental and offer to pay for the items over the phone with credit card? This is the first time I’ve been in this situation, I know it’s stupid of me and I will absolutely never steal again or return to that shop


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27 September 2015
do nothing. Don't apologise - that is admitting guilt. Do nothing. But learn the lesson and don't do it again


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3 June 2021
Thank you, what is the chance of police actually following up after they have your rego number?
Hi Cgar1303, have you heard anything from the police ? I have a similar situation as yours however i did not run away I follow ed the LPO back to the store and pay for my items. They took a photo of my ID and let me go but i still worry that the police will knock on my door.