What type of lawyer/court required for suing of Qld Police?

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Bobby Whitlow

Well-Known Member
23 March 2017
Just trying to determine how I sue Qld Police.
Had an active DVO against my ex-partner, where they were not permitted to know my new address.
My ex is rather smart and the police are idiots, so they accused me of stealing something from them and then the police brought them to my new residence.
I then had to leave and find a new safe home and sell the property at a loss.
Qld Police have provided me with a letter admitting fault, though it took me over 2 years to get it and I had to escalate it to crime and misconduct several times.
It's now been 3 years since the incident so I was advised I can't seek remedy via public liability and am unsure of what to do.
I have incurred significant medical expenses due to the incident.