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Francisco Bangoy International Airport (Cebuano: Tugpahanang Pangkalibutan sa Francisco Bangoy), also known and still commonly referred to as Davao International Airport (IATA: DVO, ICAO: RPMD), is the main airport serving Davao City in the province of Davao del Sur and Davao Region in the Philippines. It is the busiest airport in the island of Mindanao and the third busiest in the Philippines after Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila and Mactan–Cebu International Airport in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu. The airport has a single 3,000-meter precision runway.

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  1. T

    Perjury - Non admission DVO

    I consented with out admission to a DVO. The only evedence was text messages non abusive or threatening. The text were us arguing about access to the kids. However in tge application my ex has accused me of having a history of DV which is not true and false allegations. She has shown the non...
  2. M

    QLD Ex accused me of a crime and took my kids, ive been found not guilty and have mediation upcoming

    Hi, My ex falsely accused me of a crime, and took my kids, i was found not guilty on all charges i have a dvo still (consent without admission), with exceptions to see my two children with a consent order or in writing etc. I have mediation coming up and am wondering what i should be asking for...
  3. M

    Getting a DVO dropped

    I spoke to a police officer about me constantly contacting my ex who dumped me via text. I did not realise that a DVO was going to be served on me. The police officer told me she was ordering a temporary protection which when it was served on me was a DVO. This absolutely destroyed me. I would...
  4. S

    QLD DVO condition in order & visiting the prisoner

    Hi, Ex partner is on remand and facing some pretty serious charges. Application made by QPS to vary protection order. (Adjourned so temporary however unlikely to fight conditional changes) Varied condition/s now include: “The respondent must not contact or communicate with or attempt to...
  5. D

    QLD Breach of a dvo before the hearing

    Hey, I was served with a dvo on the 1/11/23. The hearing is on the 11/11/23. I have breached the order by contact of email and the subject matter was asking of my ex partner to return my belongings by placing it all in a remote truck and I pay for on arrival at my residence. As she ignored my...
  6. R

    QLD Police Protection hearing

    Hi! I am the aggrieved in a DVO application submitted by the police. Respondent is contesting and there is a hearing coming up. I’m of the understanding that my solicitor on the day is a police prosecutor, do they cross examine on my behalf the same as how a lawyer would?
  7. B

    QLD DVO records on police check

    Hello Folks, I had a DVO placed on me 2 years ago ( the order was accepted by me without admission) . The DVO system says its a ' national order' but my national police check doesn't show any court orders . Does anyone know where the order is actually recorded - IE QLD police check or a DVO...
  8. B

    QLD Getting DVO dropped after 2 years or re-heard in court

    Hello , I had a DVO placed on me in October 2020. There was no arrest or charges laid. The basic accusations of it was 'not giving her enough money ( even though she had a job and we have no kids )' , Me asking her what groceries she bought and i ignored her on the couch one day etc etc .All...
  9. S

    I wish to extend my DVO.

    Hello everybody, I am wishing to extend my DVO against former partner what is the process? My ex accepted the last one without admissions(after final property/parenting arrangements. we have final shared care orders with children,as well as property settlement finalised. I Still feel...
  10. T

    NSW Pre action procedures & DVO

    I have a DVO against my ex partner who is to make no contact unless through a lawyer, mediator, through court or as in agreed in writing between the parents about contact of children. Mediation was unsuccessful due to the history and nature of the DVO and we were issued a 60i certificate. He...