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  1. C

    Protection for a friend from abusive ex

    Hi all I will keep it as brief as I can but I am a concerned friend and wanting some advice. My best friend's husband decided to leave her a few month ago, they have three kids. He was always abusive during the marriage and since separating, he is ramping it up. We now know he has a partner...
  2. N

    NSW What happens when a DVO ends?

    Had a DVO brought against me by my partner, the document that I received was typed up by Child Services who embellished and took a lot of things out of context. The DVO was her word against mine, no Police were ever called, no injuries or Hospital visits. Long story short I got served with a 2...
  3. M

    SA How much evidence/reason is required for an Intervention Order (DVO)?

    Hi Folks, I was recently served with an interim intervention order, with a first hearing date next week. I didn't receive a reason or evidence as to why it's been taken out. Is this something i'm allowed access to before the first court date? I got the court transcript for the application, but...
  4. R

    VIC 5 year Dvo will this effect my Residency application

    Hi to everyone on this forum, and thank you for reading my question. So just a bit of a back story: The Dvo was issued in QLD by the police as they showed up at the house for a welfare check as I had rung them on Saturday night saying my wife is threatening to commit suicide, and I need...
  5. Panda

    QLD Fiancees flatmate from hell well.. 2016 still there ..help!!

    my question is if the ex house guest thats in love with my partners house eg: wint leave house. So my partner left and she has stalked, called employere to defame and get us sacked. Found fiancees passwords to everything ( we've since sorted that and changed everything) she used his Telstra...
  6. H

    QLD Real Estate breach of confidentiality

    I’ve recently moved homes and left my old homes real estate for another. My old real estate was contacted by my mothers ex partner whom she has a DVO on and was asked for my new address. My mother’s ex partner was then given my new address from my old real estate which they had from my exit of...
  7. A

    QLD Breach dvo outcomes

    I have a dvo on my ex The police have breached him this is his 2nd breach, no violence just coming to property and yelling etc . he is on a suspended sentence, probation and is on bail. What are the chances of jail time
  8. A

    QLD Breach, dvo

    Hi I have a dvo on my ex. He is not allowed to come to my house within 100 metres and also can’t come into contact with me unless I give him written permission! He has turned up here twice I have videos and photos of him and me asking him to leave, He has also threatened me but I don’t have...
  9. A

    QLD Breach of DVO

    Hi My ex has turned up to my house twice , he is not allowed at my property and also isn’t allowed near me without my consent. I have photos and videos of him here and I’m asking him to leave and he won’t go! This is a first offence will he go to jail? He has also threatened me but I didn’t get...
  10. X

    QLD DVO against ex who is using social media to intimidate me.

    I have a DVO against my ex, which has been adjusted in court as he was using a FB (social media platform) to intimidate me and he is constantly placing ultimatums for me to reach him, my late fathers photos and defamation of my personality. He never used my name, just hints and, all were...