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3 October 2020
Hi, so my husband recently applied for a loan through our Broker , the broker Check the credit file Everything is great for my Husband to apply for the loan with no issues,
Now When the broker submitted the paperwork to the bank the bank has come back and said there is a default on the credit Report now our broker double check and told the bank no that’s not an even sent them a copy of the credit reports
So we were advised to ring all the credit report agencies which we have done and they are all saying that there is no default showing in the meantime our broker contact the bank and ask what was the default and who through which is Collection house, so we rang collection house gave them all the details that we were given and what do you know they have no record of my husband at all with a default even though they are the ones who put it on the credit report and now refusing refusing to remove it
So what do we do if we had a default we are happy to pay for it but we can’t even do that desperately need advice ASAP
Thank you

Paul Cott

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26 May 2014
Ballarat, Victoria
Hi Bella,
There seems to be no justification from what you say, for Collection House to keep the record of default on and they have seemingly admitted it and are now not removing it! At this stage, apart from legal action to get an order they remove it which may be costly and take too much time, it may need a strong legal letter to them to get them to remove it. Hope that helps.