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The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), or CommBank, is an Australian multinational bank with businesses across New Zealand, Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom. It provides a variety of financial services including retail, business and institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance, investment and broking services. The Commonwealth Bank is the largest Australian listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange as of August 2015 with brands including Bankwest, Colonial First State Investments, ASB Bank (New Zealand), Commonwealth Securities (CommSec) and Commonwealth Insurance (CommInsure). Commonwealth Bank is also the largest bank in the Southern Hemisphere.Founded in 1911 by the Australian Government and fully privatised in 1996, the Commonwealth Bank is one of the "big four" Australian banks, with the National Australia Bank (NAB), ANZ and Westpac. The bank was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1991.
The former global headquarters of Commonwealth Bank were the Commonwealth Trading Bank Building on the corner of Pitt Street and Martin Place, Sydney, which was refurbished from 2012 for retail and commercial uses, and (from 1984 to 2012) the State Savings Bank Building on Martin Place, which was sold in 2012 to Macquarie Bank. The headquarters were moved to Tower 1, 201 Sussex Street and two new nine-storey buildings which were built at the site of the former Sega World Sydney, in Darling Harbour on the western side of Sydney's city centre.
In 2018, findings from the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry have indicated a negative culture within the Bank, amid allegations of fraud, deception, and money laundering, among various other crimes.

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  1. P

    WA Commonwealth Bank sold my debt even though in debt agreement

    I had a personal loan with commonwealth bank as well as a couple other debts. I entered a debt agreement end of last month that commonwealth bank voted yes to, and then I get a letter stating as of 5 days after the beginning of said debt agreement they have on sold my debt to a collection...
  2. H

    VIC Help with Credit Corp Issues?

    Hi team, We had a loan with Commonwealth bank and we missed 2 payments as we moved and didn't get the mail till after the date due to the redirection process. They didn't email or call us but then we were contacted on 7th Sep 2011 from Credit Corp saying they brought the debt. We tried to...
  3. L

    QLD Paying Off Credit Corp Debt - Help?

    Yet another credit corp question. I believe I've had this debt since approx 2010 again another Commonwealth Bank credit card. I have paid approx $23500 to credit corp since 2010 and my debt was only approx $20000. I haven't made a payment since April 2018 so now they are chasing me for another...
  4. P

    WA Credit Card Debt Already Paid For - Debt Collector Double Dipping?

    Hi I received a phone call from a collection agency a few days ago asking to pay off a debt of my mother's that had been handed to them from the Commonwealth bank. I told him that I had already made an arrangement with Commonwealth bank shortly after my mother passed away and gave him the...
  5. H

    VIC Comminsure Cut Tree Without Consent - Claim Compensation?

    Hi There is a gum tree with three branches in my rear garden. After a strong storm, one branch fell down and damaged the fence, another branch shifted and the third tree is healthy. Comminsure responded to my claim. They came, cut the not only the fallen tree but they also cut down the healthy...
  6. D

    SA Fraud on Ebay - What Can I Do?

    I seen an ad on ebay for a caravan up for auction. In the text, it had a email address to contact if you wanted to buy it now, negotiate with the seller. The seller and I agreed to a price but I was concerned about the distance from me to this van. So I wanted to deal through Ebay. He said he...
  7. hazell360

    QLD Credit Corp Chasing Debt I Never Had?

    Hi, So credit corp contacted me about a year ago, claiming I owed a credit card debt of around 8000 from Commonwealth Bank. I have never used this bank and have never held this account. I did the right thing and reported it to acorn and I provided credit corp will the acorn reference number...
  8. Shricket

    QLD Commonwealth Bank Sold Debt to Debt Collectors?

    So I received a letter from Commonwealth Bank about some arrears and that if they weren't fixed they would take legal action, citing a number to call. I called, made arrangements and all was good. My partner lost his job unexpectedly last week and as such our pay was substantially smaller than...
  9. U

    NSW Commonwealth Bank ATM Issue - What to Do?

    Hello, On Monday, I deposit cash into a Commonwealth Bank ATM, it was about $1700. The ATM went out of service and my money hasn't been returned or has been deposited to my account. I called the helpline who advised me to come back the following day to the branch. I do not live in this area...
  10. A

    NSW CommInsure Discontinued Insurance with Commonwealth Bank - Affect My Credit History?

    I had CommInsure portable device insurance and claimed 4 times in a 2-year span (2 for repairs and 2 for loss of phone). The repairs were nominal (100-200 AUD). After this, they sent a letter that they have discontinued my insurance with Commonwealth Bank. I have two questions: 1. Does this...