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A still is an apparatus used to distill liquid mixtures by heating to selectively boil and then cooling to condense the vapor. A still uses the same concepts as a basic distillation apparatus, but on a much larger scale. Stills have been used to produce perfume and medicine, water for injection (WFI) for pharmaceutical use, generally to separate and purify different chemicals, and to produce distilled beverages containing ethanol.

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  1. A

    WA 3 month wait, 4 case investigators & still no decision on home & contents claim

    I have now got my name added to the Home & contents policy after my X partner asked me to deal with the insurance investigators who were stressing her out to the point of full breakdown. The claim was made on the 11th Feb 2022 & yet still no decision has being made.... how long can the...
  2. O

    NSW Income tax payable on receipt of income protection lump sum payment?

    I have been advised that income tax is payable on an income protection insurance lump sum payment (-legal costs) in the year it is received. Does whether the lump sum was negotiated prior to Court or decided at Court have any bearing how the ATO views the lump sum payment? ie as income in that...
  3. L

    VIC Tow car stopped while towing. Am I still liable?

    Hi there This question is a bit of a grey area. I was dining at South Yarra and parked on a street which had the green letters permitting parking during the stated time. I unintentionally missed the red letters right above it saying toll zone and I was about to get my car towed when I jumped out...
  4. abdul khaliq khan

    are magistrates still middle class middle-aged and white?

    please tell the answer
  5. C

    QLD Can directors still be held accountable for de-registered companies?

    In relation to disputes regarding unpaid wages (wage theft) and the previous employer has closed the business and deregistered the relevant company responsible for paying the wages - can the director of that company/business still be held accountable. How does a victim go about attempting to...
  6. Giggity

    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues relating to current law and policies

    Hey, legal beagles! I am doing research for my mental health studies and one of the questions was exactly as the subject line. I am wondering if any of you with sharp minds or memories could care to share a brief law or policy in Australia, which is still causing issues for Aboriginal and...
  7. J

    VIC my son has worked in the same place for approx. 16 years. he is still classified as an casual worker no overtime rates no meal allowance in fact no

    penalties apply .he has to work overtime and now has come to a call in on a need basis and is told to go home when their is no work and after that than be called back to work not one penalty .no travel allowance .he is working for an essential service and I find these conditions hard to believe .
  8. J

    WA Debt collector took to court and case was dismissed with prejudice but still defaulting after 10 years

    Hi there, I had a credit card debt with bank west n they have me no help to deal with debt n I had a baby n no money. They sold debt after terrible harassment and collector defaults every month on my credit report. I had a home loan with an account with credit card. They closed the line of...
  9. M

    NSW Entitled to nothing!

    On new years day this year a speeding, stolen car crashed in to our rental. We as new tenants did not have renters insurance. None of us were physically hurt, emotionally we're not so good. 1 minute before the car came smashing in, our 1 year-old was playing where a big chunk of concrete...