Visa Still Valid - Contact Department of Immigration?

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28 April 2015
Dear Sir / Madam,

I recently got an invitation for 189 visa on June 5 2015. Currently I hold bridging visa for 573, Masters. My 485 visa ended on May 22 2015.

While lodging my 189 visa on 4th page she got an error showing that I should contact the Department of Immigration and that I have section 48?

On 2010, whilst I had 1 month visa left, I had applied for the student visa as my studies hadn't finished. My visa got rejected somehow but still had my current valid visa. Again I reapplied and got my visa extended. I arrived in Australia on 2009. I have not gone back to my country since I came.

My query is, am I not allowed to apply for 189 visa? Why is this section 48 attached to my database? My visa was refused but then I had my valid visa for 1 more month and got another student visa after the first refusal. Have never stayed in Australia without a valid visa.

Any suggestions for me please? What should I do?

Mitchell Kelly

Well-Known Member
8 February 2015
A section 48 bar comes into place if, SINCE LAST ENTERING AUSTRALIA, you have HAD A VISA REFUSAL (yes, you have) and you DON'T HOLD A SUBSTANTIVE VISA (no, you don't).

If you have not exited Australia since the time of your visa refusal, then it is possible the section 48 bar is still in place.

If you HAVE exited Australia, then you should contact DIBP to explain the problem you are experiencing on the website.