WA 189 application Over 485 Subsquent Entrant

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27 September 2017
  • I have applied 485 Subsequent entrant application for my Child the application was received by immigration (acknowledged on 7th sep) but further no actions were made.
  • on 20th of SEP I got 189 Point based invitation for 189 which must be submitted before 20 NOV, 2017
  • I am planning to apply 189 application on second week of November (Before 15 NOV).
  • My and My wife's (dependent) 485 visa expires on March 2018.
  • I am going on holiday out of Australia ( till NOV 08)
My Question is:
1) My wife ( who is dependent) want to stay longer at back home, if I apply 189 visa on Nov 10, will she be able to return Australia after 10 Nov 2017 ?
2) I can not include My Child on 189 unless 485 decision is made, Can I remove my kid from 189 application (as migrating member) and add him after 485 subsequent entrant application's decision is made ?

I want take my kid as soon as possible but do not want to miss 189 visa application's deadline. If I have to communicate with Immigration, how should I communicate and what should I ask ?