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    NSW Newbie need helps please?

    Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here, looking for helps please? I got this case, I went to some agents and solicitors but they got me more confused. So I hope you all can lend me some advice please? Many thanks in advance. Case ; X met Z. X is Citizen Oz. Z is Bridging A, under Z’ ex. The Ex is...
  2. A

    VIC Be caught by no valid ticket, will my creditworthiness be impacted?

    Hi, I was caught by no valid ticket as even though I remember I touched on, but apperently didn't touch on successfully. I be told that I might will receive a warning letter or fine or both, and they asked my name and address. But I'm about to apply for police check and permanent
  3. E

    NSW Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa

    I'm currently on PR, seeking a most suitable option enabling my mother to stay with me in Australia for up to 6 months per year with multiple entries. I'm the only child of my parents and my mother is 69 years of age living in my home country alone (father deceased). My mother prefers to have...
  4. B

    NSW Charged with criminal assault while on work visa

    Hey guys, A friend of mine got charged with common assault for assaulting his room mate, room mate was physically injured though he had his fingerprints on his neck initially which he took as a pic and showed to cops. Now friend is here on 457 visa. He is very worried about this options and...
  5. L

    QLD Assault Charge - What Happens if I Miss a Court Date?

    Hi everyone, I'm a backpacker 6 months into my visa in Australia. I had an incident back in January where I pushed a girl in a bar and I got arrested for assault & re entering a licensed premises. I've been to court twice already and pled guilty for assault, not guilty for re entering. There's...
  6. T

    Am I still Eligible to Apply for 189 Visa Australia?

    Hello. This is my profile Bach of Engineering (2006) I.T. employment - 2006 -2008 (2 years) Masters degree in Australia - 1.5 years (2009 -10) Non-I.T. work experience - approx 2 years (2011-12) Unemployed from 2013 until now Recently got Australian Computer Society's positive skills...
  7. S

    VIC Asylum Seeker on Bridging Visa and Form 424A

    Hi I'm an asylum seeker in Melbourne, Australia. I'm in bridging visa E but my visa has expired. About one month ago I asked the Department of Immigration to have a copy of my information through the Form 424A. They replied that "the information you have provided in the form is not complete so...
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    WA Forced to Quit 457 Visa Job for New Job - Redundancy Compensation?

    Hi , I was on a 457 visa with a stable job (Oil and Gas industry) with a 5 years contract and was in my 3rd year of my job with company A. Had an offer to jump to a much bigger player in the Oil and gas industry (Company B). I agreed and they made me take my pre-employment medical in May 2014...
  9. J

    VIC Property Settlement - Entitlements After Separation?

    Hi. I got married in October 2013 and my ex arrived in Australia on a spouse visa in December 2013. It was an arranged marriage and then we were separated in June 2014. During the six months, I supported her. She hasn't contributed anything to the marriage at all she hasn't worked and she did...
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    NSW Visa Australia - Applying for My Wife with Her Daughter?

    I am from Iraq and I am willing to bring my wife who I got married to last year in Iraq knowing that she’s my kin and I have known her whole my life. Decided to marry her in 2012 where I visited Iraq for the first time since I left it in March 2006. She was married before and living with her...