NSW Vexatious use of avo and defamation of character

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    2 September 2018
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    1 month until the end of a two year Avo and a two good behaviour bond my ex has become upset at the reversal of child support when my son moved into my home.
    Despite orders of non-contact we often communicated solely through email over the last 18 months ( three teenagers to co-ordinate made it all most impossible not to do so ) . Non of this contact can be construed in any way as abusive or threatening.
    She submitted several emails to police to show breach of Avo ( non threatening and regarding our children )
    My ex is employed by NSW police and her area of work gives her a thorough working knowledge of the system and avo's.
    There is absolutely no ignorance of the law and this is a blatant attack on my person and may be costly and far reaching as a good behaviour bond was part of a section 10 that I fought hard to obtain. ( Concurrent to the 2yr Avo )
    I feel I am being attacked and defamed over money and a need for revenge by her.

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