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The American Left consists of individuals and groups that have sought egalitarian changes in the economic, political, and cultural institutions of the United States. Various subgroups with a national scope are active. Liberal centrists believe equality can be accommodated into existing capitalist structures (commonly referred to as "centrists"). Socialists, communists, and anarchists with international imperatives are also present within this macro-movement. Although left-wing ideologies came to the United States in the 19th century, there are no major left-wing political parties in the US. However, many elements of the American Left are affiliated with the Democratic Party.

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  1. Josephine H

    NSW belated property settlement.

    divorced in 1995 the ex husband threatened to burn our house to the ground if I attempted to get a property settlement. I left with just the children. am I able NOW to get a belated property settlement now that he intends to sell property we owned together? I don't recall there ever was an...
  2. K

    NSW Tennent left stuff

    I have a tennent who took a week after the court eviction date to remove his stuff. Even handed me the keys back so I would give him more time to move his stuff from the yards. My question is he has left two trailers one on the nature strip out front of my house and on one on the curb next to...
  3. R

    NSW Accidentally forgot to scan one item

    Hi all, 2 weeks ago, i use a self service machine to purchase varies clothes and shoes for about 100 dollars all together. I did notify the self servce attendant when one of my item clothes is missing a tag. But I did let her know that another item i have does have the tag and is the same...