WA Charge 2yrs late for defamation, stalking and harrassment

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25 March 2021
Perth, WA
Can I still charge someone with stalking, defamation if over 2 years as I have just got my courage up, I got anxiety after all this even after I changed my telephone numbers etc, this woman lives in QLD. I did make a cyber report and currently working through evidence as there is quite a lot of threats by emails, texts, facebook stalking, verbal threats over the phone - tracked me to WA, we've found out also that she also took my husbands i.d. which is how she tracked us through a telephone app or account and plus she put us on a TPO which is still going through even though we've been here in WA for over 2 years - police rejected her application and evidence and rang us and gave us the badge number which I have for evidence but she downloaded a copy of QLD Magistrate website got it filled in and uploaded it with 4 photos of basically nothing only photos of me with family on my facebook page??? I don't know how the clerks of the court are allowed to accept this, this case has been over 12mths and she keeps getting it ajourned - her lawyer has also pulled the pin on her and said she's mentally deranged and he's old so cant deal with her rubbish either. But is it worth going through with my charges of defamation/stalking being 2yrs old, husband also has submitted his cyber report with stolen i.d. /fraud etc, we are worried it may breach this TPO (DVO adjorned till June no date yet) this could jeopardise my job and also don't the clerks of court have to have some sort of process to prove false claims instead of it costing us over 8880.00 at this point in time.. if the police rejected it shouldnt this be looked into before getting rubber stamped and for us to go through more vexatiousness... she may as well kept stalking us... over it!!