QLD The father of my child is from QLD and I am from the U.S.

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1 August 2020
While he was visiting on his visa, the child's father and I met and started hanging out and I got pregnant. The father does want to be involved in the child's life and wants the child to also visit and live when him in Australia half of the time. I know it is important for a child to have a father, but I feel like 6 months out of the year is way too long to be apart from my child, and I have a fear that the child won't be returned to me when his visits are over. Is there any way to ensure this won't happen and can he get the child a citizenship without my permission?


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27 September 2015
You'd be better sourcing answers based on American law. But if you had an agreement in the USA that was legally enforceable there it would be enforced here. I know one family where a very well adjusted young lady spent 6 months here and 6 months in Canada. That started when she was 9 (not sure of arrangements prior to that though). The kid loved it. Endless summer, had friends at both schools who gave her a farewell party and welcome back party each visit. BUT the parents got on really well and did all they could to make it work for the kid.