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A father is the male parent of a child. Besides the paternal bonds of a father to his children, the father may have a parental, legal, and social relationship with the child that carries with it certain rights and obligations. An adoptive father is a male who has become the child's parent through the legal process of adoption. A biological father is the male genetic contributor to the creation of the infant, through sexual intercourse or sperm donation. A biological father may have legal obligations to a child not raised by him, such as an obligation of monetary support. A putative father is a man whose biological relationship to a child is alleged but has not been established. A stepfather is a male who is the husband of a child's mother and they may form a family unit, but who generally does not have the legal rights and responsibilities of a parent in relation to the child.
The adjective "paternal" refers to a father and comparatively to "maternal" for a mother. The verb "to father" means to procreate or to sire a child from which also derives the noun "fathering". Biological fathers determine the sex of their child through a sperm cell which either contains an X chromosome (female), or Y chromosome (male). Related terms of endearment are dad (dada, daddy), baba, papa, pappa, papasita, (pa, pap) and pop. A male role model that children can look up to is sometimes referred to as a father-figure.

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  1. M

    NSW How can I fix this? % of care - incorrect guidance given by CSA

    Guidance please? ___________________________________________________ Facts: - Orders state child has 54 nights care available to the father, with an extra 10 if he is in the area (we live interstate - about a 12 hour drive away). - Child requested to live with father for a trial (ended up...
  2. K

    QLD Step Father rights

    Hello, Backstory: My son has never met his bio dad. He isn’t on the birth certificate but he is the known father to the court because of a DVO I had out on him. The last time I saw him was when my son was 2 weeks old. His family are MIA as well unless I contact them to see him but even then they...
  3. B

    NSW 12 year old does not want to see his father

    Hi my 12 year son does not want to see his father. He has not had any interaction with his father for nearly three years as his father mistreated him and now his father wants to see him again. We did do a parenting consent order 11 years however the courts rejected it as it needed to be amended...
  4. E

    VIC Father is not letting me see our daughter

    A parenting order was made for our daughter to live with her father. We also have a parenting plan in place which specifies that I will have our daughter from Thurs to Sunday afternoon and he from Sunday to Thursday afternoon so 60/40. Father has not allowed me to take our daughter for approx...
  5. P

    NSW Ex-parte orders self rep

    Last court appearance was Dec 19, where family are still waiting for family report dates to be given. Applicant father did not attend. Father has history of non attendance. Respondent mother asked for final orders be made in his absence (matter has been before the courts for several years...
  6. C

    Proving citizenship of someone else ?

    Hi, My father is an australian citizen and I was born abroad. I would like to obtain australian citizenship, but I’m not in contact with my father anymore. It seems that his citizenship certificate is mandatory for the application ? Can I obtain a certificate proving his citizenship myself ? Can...
  7. M

    NSW Fathers name on birth papers Mother withheld putting Father on Birth Certificate and contact advice

    Hi everyone I had a look before I became a member and I found it the people giving advice did have the child's best interest So I'm looking forward to hearing responses and consider them seriously. I'm a father of a 3 year old girl who I feel is the only reason why I'm still alive and feel...
  8. L

    QLD Father has had no contact for 3 years

    Hi Everyone, mum just after a bit of advice if anybody has been through a similar situation. My ex husband has had no contact with my child for 3 years now and I was recently served court papers stating he wants to resume visitation. I’m had sole parental responsibility for the past 3 years...
  9. A

    NSW Paternal DNA help!!!!!!!!!

    Baby 11months old. Woman says my partner is the father. My partner and I have never denied that he isn’t. Problem is she won’t Allow him to meet the baby or spend time with him. Sends photos all the time.. tells him how the baby is going.. how does my partner go about getting a DNA test done is...
  10. L

    Facing a VCAT hearing, please help

    I am the enduring power of attorney for my father who lives with me, I do all his banking and have every dollar accounted for, his bank details are kept secured in my cupboard, however I am being taken to VCAT to prove my fathers bank accounts by one brother who does not visit my father at my...