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Genetic testing, also known as DNA testing, is used to identify changes in DNA sequence or chromosome structure. Genetic testing can also include measuring the results of genetic changes, such as RNA analysis as an output of gene expression, or through biochemical analysis to measure specific protein output. In a medical setting, genetic testing can be used to diagnose or rule out suspected genetic disorders, predict risks for specific conditions, or gain information that can be used to customize medical treatments based on an individual's genetic makeup. Genetic testing can also be used to determine biological relatives, such as a child's parentage (genetic mother and father) through DNA paternity testing, or be used to broadly predict an individual's ancestry. Genetic testing of plants and animals can be used for similar reasons as in humans (e.g. to assess relatedness/ancestry or predict/diagnose genetic disorders), to gain information used for selective breeding, or for efforts to boost genetic diversity in endangered populations.The variety of genetic tests has expanded throughout the years. Early forms of genetic testing which began in the 1950s involved counting the number of chromosomes per cell. Deviations from the expected number of chromosomes (46 in humans) could lead to a diagnosis of certain genetic conditions such as trisomy 21 (Down syndrome) or monosomy X (Turner syndrome). In the 1970s, a method to stain specific regions of chromosomes, called chromosome banding, was developed that allowed more detailed analysis of chromosome structure and diagnosis of genetic disorders that involved large structural rearrangements. In addition to analyzing whole chromosomes (cytogenetics), genetic testing has expanded to include the fields of molecular genetics and genomics which can identify changes at the level of individual genes, parts of genes, or even single nucleotide "letters" of DNA sequence. According to the National Institutes of Health, there are tests available for more than 2,000 genetic conditions, and one study estimated that as of 2017 there were more than 75,000 genetic tests on the market.

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  1. O

    NT Family Court - Father of Child Not Following Court Orders?

    My daughter is 1 year old. I did not name the father at birth as I wasn't 100 per cent sure who the dad was. After dna testing, I found her dad. He didn't believe it till, after the test. We went to family court and the judge ordered him to be on my daughter's birth certificate. He was meant to...
  2. B

    SA DNA Testing and Ex Seeking Final Orders - What's Next?

    I have a hearing coming up in 3 months. I have refused to sign a declaration that I am a parent. A legal DNA testing was taken and I was proven to be the father. Now the mother has sought final orders. My question is, can a judge force a declaration and if so, would this be the final court...
  3. D

    WA Parental Rights of a Baby Under Family Law?

    Do I have any rights under Family Law? I have just undergone DNA testing for m1-year-oldld baby. At first, I didn't believe the baby was mine. Now that I know the mother is taking me to family court for orders that she has full custody of the baby and I basically have no parental rights unless...
  4. J

    QLD Paternity Fraud - Mother refuses DNA Tests

    Hi, I have a strange problem and would love some direction. An ex of mine told Child Services I was the father of two of her children (this started 8 yrs ago). Child Services called my employer (father-in law) for pay docking but I was a sub-contractor so they couldn't do anything. This was the...
  5. S

    WA Family Court - Getting Out of Parental Rights?

    So I'm about to be declared as a father by the family court as my dna testing is positive. My question is, how can I get out of parental rights, child support, etc., as I never wanted this child or never intended to see it.
  6. I

    NT Paternity and DNA Testing Fraud?

    What grounds can a paternity test be retested? There is no other option on the father of the child and he has sent someone in his place for the DNA testing. I need the grounds to ask for a retest. I understand it’s hard for him to have pulled this off but my son is not immaculate conception
  7. C

    NSW Paternity Questioned by the Dad - Family Court Recourse?

    Court case is underway. Baby born in qld going on 5 years ago. Long story short, currently dad in nsw with fiance and another daughter. He said he went to Brisbane to get better job to support his daughter but he lied and left the state. I went home to wa a year after he left. Not had any...
  8. M

    NSW Complicated Child Support Circumstances - Help?

    There is a long story behind this and I’m happy to answer questions for context, but my questions are relating to my husband and father of our two kids, who has this year discovered via court-ordered DNA that he has fathered a child from a one night stand that predates our relationship. Never...
  9. M

    TAS Ex-Partner Not Undergoing DNA Testing - What will Happen?

    My partner and I broke up last year. We had a daughter which he is denying is his. I had to go to family court to order a paternity and dna testing. He agreed to do it and the judge ordered it. However 2 weeks before the test, he hadn't even done the test and my solicitors had to adjourn it and...
  10. M

    WA Separation - Ex Won't Give Info for Financial Agreement?

    Hi everyone. Son is going through ugly separation / divorce. He has sent an email to her requesting information to fill in the agreement. All he got back was I don't agree and won't give him any information. i.e. bank details. What does he do now? They were only married for a year. Bad choice...