WA Son Charged with Endangering Life of a Person by Police?

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by Hemmo, 26 October 2018.

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    26 October 2018
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    My son was at an unsanctioned car meet. While he was there, he turned off the traction control in his car. After a few drinks, it was decided that his girlfriend would drive. She came out onto the road and skidded. Police saw it and she was charged under the hooning laws.

    They have now charged my son with endangering life, health or safety of a person because he turned the traction control off, a standard feature.
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    25 July 2018
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    If the car comes from the factory with the ability to turn the traction control off, then it is perfectly legal to do so.

    The simple fact is that Australia is very strict about what features they allow on vehicles.

    A good example is the "Line Drive" feature on the ford mustang - which has to be disabled at the factory for all Australian models. This was one of the strict conditions for allowing ford to bring the mustang here. (If you don't know, "Line Drive" is commonly known as "Hoon Mode" - it locks the front brakes for 15 seconds or something for doing burnouts.)

    With that said, I must admit that to me, "She came out onto the road and skidded" sounds like she was doing a lot more than just pulling out onto the road.
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