QLD Car plate stolen but charged with evading police

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2 June 2018
My son had his rear numberplate stolen and reported it stolen the next day. Months later he was contacted by police saying he had evaded police at 1am the previous morning. He was interviewed and said he was sick, in bed, provided texts and also receipt from Qld Transport confirming plate reported stolen. They said he had to do a stat dec, which he did but they say they are charging him. How can he prove it wasn't him? He has asked if they saw his car or just the plate as it was parked outside all night. They said both. He has nothing to hide and has cooperated, how can he prove his innocence? He is awaiting a ticket in the mail - will this show a photo of the car like a speed camera? If someone evaded police in a commercial area at 1am and they claim they had their siren and lights on, wouldn't they have pursued the driver? This is all very puzzling and worrying as I thought a stat dec and the evidence he provided would have been enough. Thank you.


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6 April 2016
Firstly, police have a policy not to chase speeders if it created too much risk to the public in doing so.

Secondly, the main reason for stealing a number plate would be that the car is identical. If criminals drive around and spot a car that matches the one they have, then they will steel that number plate, since what is the use steeling a number plate from a car that does not match??? They would be guaranteed to be caught if they did that, OBVIOUSLY - Stupid police, seriously.

I think the real problem for your son is that he is a young male - you will be discriminated against on that basis, even in court.

My sisters son walked his dirt bike across the road to the dirt track - the police came along and assumed he drove it across the road. Did not see him do it, just assumed (no witnesses either). Went to court, judge said, "i believe a young man of your age would have committed that crime - guilty"