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WA Traffic Law - Lying Police Officer Charged Me with Reckless Driving

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by harry123, 14 December 2015.

  1. harry123

    harry123 Member

    14 December 2015
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    To start from the beginning, I was filming myself drive on a dash cam and in the video you can see me slowly pull off an asphalt road onto a gravel road and then accidentally slide out around a corner and then break traction again while quickly turning around to avoid the even worse looking terrain as I was startled from sliding out previously.

    To my surprise, I turn around to a police car who apparently witnessed the entire thing. The officer go out of the car saying, "What did you do wrong? You're getting charged with reckless driving", perhaps to trick me into incriminating myself by admitting to something, I decided to not tell him it was an accident and just sort it out in court as I have encountered corruption and bad police work before and didn't want to annoy a police officer who I presumed was desperately looking for the harshest charge(s) he could find as he pretended sniffer dogs were coming, the fact he went straight to reckless driving, not careless, etc.

    As previously stated, I recorded the entire scenario and assumed the police officer would blow up his statement to make it sound worse than it was, from what I gathered from the previous encounter with him and the fact he didn't know I was recording. and he did.

    The statement stated I broke traction from the road to gravel (video proves otherwise), that joggers and many people were present, metres away (video proves otherwise), and that they noticed dust in the air from me sliding out, but it was wet that day so obviously, no dust would be blowing in the air as it was mud.

    I assumed the case would be dropped and perhaps even perjury charges would be made for the video proves police fabricated much of the story and, on my first day of court, I showed the prosecuting officer the video and they concluded that the charge would probably be dropped and my duty lawyer stated " that's not reckless driving", but when I went back to court expecting a not guilty they told me more information has been obtained being a picture of my skid mark (on a road covered in skid marks) and that "they could hear my engine".

    So I'm assuming my defence can be that the road is covered in skid marks anyway, if I had done the wrong thing why did they lie in the statement in the first place? If they've lied once, who says they won't do it again, and lastly, can they even charge me with reckless driving off road (potentially why they said I broke traction on the road).

    Should I expect a not guilty under Traffic Law and should I get a lawyer?

    Thank you
  2. Sophea

    Sophea Guest

    A lawyer will always give you the best chance at framing a good defence, presenting your evidence well, disputing the prosecution's evidence and ultimately beating charges, however representation will come at a cost.

    Its impossible to say what a judge will decide based on the information you have put forth. And what they decide will to a large extent depend on how well you can defend yourself. Sorry I can't be of more help than that.

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