ACT Sister Smashed my Car - Wants Me to Pay for Debts?

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26 June 2015
My dad bought me a car 3 years ago. It was worth $2,500, and my sister didn't let me have it. She used it for herself and she later smashed it into a pole. She said the would pay me back. I then had to live with her for 3 months she asked me to pay rent, but I was unemployed and I couldn't. I moved out and she was asking me for $990 for rent. I have not been able to pay her.

This year, she stored some furniture in her house which was the both of ours given to us by our father. She claims that I owe her a debt $104 for storing it there. Should I owe her any money? Shouldn't the 990+104 be taken off the money she owes me for my car she broke?

Darren Fletcher

Active Member
23 May 2015
When families fight over money, then noone wins.

If both debts are acknowledged by both parties, then it is entirely reasonable that your debt to your sister be taken off her debt to you.