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  1. ATK0001

    VIC Legality Of pneumatic launcher.

    Hi, I’m wondering what the law states about pneumatic launchers, Are they classed as firearm/Weapons.
  2. K

    VIC Infringement - is it allowed?

    i have a cat dog & mini horse.... a couple of council officers were doing council stuff in the nature reserve over the road...they walked past my house on their way back to the car and saw my mini horse were patting him for a while then left.... A week later I got a ph call from one of the...
  3. F

    VIC Overcharged Legal Fees

    Hi all, Looking for some advice in connection with a Divorce settlement where I incurred $175k in legal fees. I want to know under what law I can claim that I have poorly represented and overcharged for their services. Regards Colin
  4. L

    VIC How to Get Ex to Pay Her Debt?

    I have recently separated from my partner and she owes me $3500 from a variety of things during our relationship that she agreed to pay me back for as she was broke. She has signed a short statement stating she would pay me back but has since not spoken to me. I have receipts of her debt for...
  5. S

    VIC Custody of Children as Single Father - Get Legal Aid?

    Needing assistance with where a single dad can obtain some type of subsidized legal assistance regarding obtaining formal permanent arrangements for custody of children. Mother has moved on to her new life and a new child, and only sees the two children at most every second weekend, and not...
  6. Lisa4444

    VIC Legal Aid Victoria Refused - Community Correction Order Breaches and Facing Jail?

    Legal Aid Victoria has refused funding because there are 6 traffic offences although there are 2 Community Correction Order (CCO) breaches and facing possible jail time. What are the next steps since legal aid isn't available?
  7. M

    VIC Custody of Children - Family Court Orders - Mother Not Allowing Contact

    I am a father of twin boys which have been alienated against me. It's been 5 years I have not seen them. I have family court orders and all was great with them until their mother decided to stop them and not turning up for pick up. This happened numerous times until I decided to enforce the...
  8. A

    VIC Car Accident with Hire Car - Car Insurance Payable?

    Hi, hoping someone can help me out figure out the best course of action regarding the following scenario: I was stopped at a set of lights (about 3 cars back) when I was rear ended by a silver Outlander. As it was a first major car accident for me. I wasn't sure exactly what to do so I got on...
  9. J

    VIC Can't Get Legal Aid Without Healthcare Card?

    My brother is in jail on remand. He has never been on Centrelink benefits and has had no income for a year and has no assets but Legal Aid Victoria can't help him as he has no healthcare card. What do I do now?