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SA Self-Submitted TPD Claim Rejected. Can I Appeal And What Are My Chances Of Success?

Discussion in 'Superannuation Law Forum' started by SleeplessInSalisbury, 12 August 2017.

  1. SleeplessInSalisbury

    12 August 2017
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    In 2008, I had to go on workcover for severe major depression for long standing bullying and discrimination. In 2009, my psychiatrist decided to use Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) as treatment which resulted in the undisclosed side effect of permanent cognitive impairment. Because of this, I was no longer able to return to my senior medical related position or to any position related to my occupation/career.

    In 2012, I sought the services of a popular law firm to claim for my TPD. I had already obtained the medical and specialist reports for the application and therefore forwarded this to the lawyer. After 8 months of avoiding me, I was sent a letter stating all his cases have been transferred to another popular law firm who informed me there was no evidence of a TPD claim submission or copy of the application.

    In 2016, I completed another application and sent it directly to the Super company. They rejected my claim in August 2016 stating I did not fit the criteria of being 60 percent incapacitated all for all types of work.

    My issue is that in 2013, the legislation changed to the above definition. However prior to 2013, to be eligible for TPD, was defined as an individual who could not return to their profession and job for any work, which defines what I have since 2010. I was also recently sent a letter from my super stating my super has been rolled over because I have been unemployed since August 2016.

    Where do I stand with the change in legislation and am I able to appeal or is it too late. I would be so grateful for any information or advice.


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