Total Permanent Disablement

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1 September 2017
I was employee of the federal government from 2007-2016.

I had received income protection payments through my Superannuation fund Pssap - AIA Insurance.

I failed to return to work after many attempts.

On the 7th of October 2015, I called Pssap and spoke about Total Permanenet Disablement.

They then sent a letter regarding eligibility to claim.

I, myself, submitted an application and on the 28th of January 2015, I received a lump sum payment of $357,136.02.

I was declared as TPD in regards to my diagnoses of Bipolar disorder and ADHD.

My issue is that not at any time do I recall AIA advising me to speak to a financial adviser. The FSC Code of practice states they should have done so.

I also do not recall having more than one medical practioners certification which is stated in the Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Receiving a lump sum payout without being advised to seek financial advise or even legal advise, has ruined my life.

AIA have given a lump sum payment to a mentally ill, drug addicted, single mother. Without advising to seek advise.

Do AIA have a duty of care?

Why was a trustee not considered?

How was such a claim received, acknowledged, processed and granted in 3 months?

The result of receiving a lump sum payment has ruined my life.

My drug addiction worsensed, my relationship ended in domestic violence and my children were taken into care of the Department of child protection.