workplace bullying

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  1. J

    WA Employer gather signatures of co-workers on false evidence

    I have been dismissed when I raised a workplace right. Dismissal and reasons were confirmed with me verbally and later verified in text by messaging app from employer. No formal dismissal letter. During notice period, I raised the unlawful dismissal to employer in hope to resolve the issue...
  2. R

    NSW Possible to Sue for Workplace Bullying?

    Is it possible to sue an individual within a government organisation for workplace bullying? I received individual legal advice that told me that there must be some reduction in my capacity to earn an income in order to sue this individual. Is this accurate advice?
  3. M

    VIC Is this a Workplace Bullying Case?

    Hello Forum Readers, Would like some help on this matter that I am facing. Sorry for the enormous length as I have tried to be as impartial as possible. Would this be a case of workplace bullying or something else? I am remotely managed by a manager in Qld (as per formal org-chart) and...
  4. J

    NSW Non-consenting Roster Change

    Hi. My wife works in a nursing home and recently the management have changed the rostering system. Previously staff were allocated (when first employed) or offered a section in which to work (This might be dementia, extra care, high care or general care). They could at any time request a...
  5. F

    WA Scare tactics by employer

    I had an interview with my HR about a complaint i raised about 2 false accusation complaint made towards me by a co-worker that had no proof or witness on the issue as i have for both issue, during the interview the HR ignored my complaint forced me to apologise or found guilty also aske how i...
  6. Z

    VIC Chances of Intervention Order Being Rejected?

    Hello, I have recently left an employer due to sexual harassment and workplace bullying from the owner, which caused psychological harm and suicidal attempt. I feel pretty lucky to be alive. I have reported this to the police with evidence and they felt they had to file for an intervention...
  7. A

    SA About to be fired for private Facebook conversations

    I was off sick and my state manager sent a text message saying it was urgent and tried calling me multiple times. I also had messages from a colleague saying she believes they are going to fire her and requested a meeting in 48hrs. I called my colleague and she stated that she received a letter...
  8. A

    WA False Accusation of Bullying

    I am a 27 year old female with autism (aspergers). I am the youngest member of our team. I guess my job title would be "account manager" Our receptionist is a couple of years older than me and has been working for the company for 3 months. February is my biggest month at my work. Our...
  9. A

    QLD Workplace bullying in qld

    i was recently a victim of workplace bullying, however my employer didn’t think this was the case and refused to do anything about it. I am now on medication as the incident has caused me to develop anxiety and depression. And also, I work as a career and reported something confidential to my...
  10. Jodee Sinclair

    WA workplace bullying legislation australia wide

    Hi my question is, I know that each state in Australia has different ways to deal with workplace bullying, such as OHS in WA also work safely in WA and Brodies Law in Vic What I'm after is some information is there a law Australia wide that is similar or is that all under OHS or WHS as it is...