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    Hey there everyone,

    I was hoping somebody could point me in the direction of obtaining representation in a case that I have going at the moment against the Vic Police & State of Victoria.

    I've tried so many solicitors like Maurice Blackburn, Shine, Robinson Gill, Kingston, Slater & Gordon, etc. Been through so many law institute victoria referrals and gotten nowhere, and even they told me they were struggling themselves and to try Community Legal Centres, so I went through all of those too. The common problem seems to be that either the case is too diverse (over too many parts of the law) or "conflict of interest".

    I tried direct briefing some barristers, but they all told me due to the complexity I would need 2-3 barristers and instructing solicitors.

    I don't have stacks of money but that isn't really the issue here, it's just finding somebody to put their hand up and offer to represent.

    At the last hearing, Her Honour Judge Jones endorsed my making application to the High Court under the Judiciary Act s 40 for removal of part of the matter, because of some of the issues I raised in a submission (see link below), but I mean... I'm just a self-rep person and was trying to get the Court to make the Attorney-General of Victoria do it by issuing a writ or orders.

    Now that Judge Jones suddenly retried from judicial office, and it's gone to Judge McNab, I'm thinking it might be further grounds to have the whole matter removed to the High Court for consideration. There's little point causing heaps of fragmentation in the matter by having part heard before a new judge on the case in the FCCA and part of it heard by the HCA.

    Seems to me more logical to use the endorsement of Judge Jones and apply to get it all removed up there, except I have no idea about the High Court at all and I'm running out of time to get an application in.

    The submission that Her Honour endorsed referral to the High Court is here:
    P_MLG851_2017_1097342.pdf (its a PDF)

    The most relevant paragraphs I believed were 19 (page 22) and 26 (page 27), however Her Honour had indicated that there was more in there that the High Court would want to make determination on.

    I'm struggling pretty bad with this case and desperate for the help.

    At the hearing on the 15 Dec 2017, the Police arrested me and did a search warrant to prevent me getting to the FCCA hearing on that day. They then tried to blackmail me to admit guilt in an interview to get my things back off them (Computer, phone, etc.) and when I got them back, they were all damaged.

    So with the stress of having lost everything, been struggling for the past 2-3 years now, the legal proceedings and constantly being harassed by the cops cause I'm suing them, I'm just desperate for somebody to take it on and help me out a little.

    If anybody knows a solicitor or barrister willing to take it on, and to apply for removal to the High Court, please let me know.

    You can chuck me an email at [email protected] if you or you know somebody that can help.


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