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Orders Are Orders is a 1955 British comedy film directed by David Paltenghi, and featuring Brian Reece, Peter Sellers, Sid James, Tony Hancock, Raymond Huntley, and Bill Fraser. Eric Sykes contributed to the script and appears in a minor role. It was a remake of the 1933 film Orders Is Orders.

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  1. Keith Barrass

    QLD Final orders- What can I do when the mother of my children constantly breaches orders?

    I have had full care of my two sons for the past 3 years when the mother handed them over to me they were aged 2 & 5 at the time now 5 & 8 the mother had very little to no contact with them until earlier this year when she applied to the court for final orders needless to say with her lack of...
  2. K

    How should we document a variation to consent orders?

    Hi gang - back with another question in our family matter. I have a feeling we'll need to re-engage our solicitor for advice on this one but it would be good to get some group think so we can go into that meeting ready to share the right information and ask the right questions. So: consent...
  3. F

    QLD Interpretation of consent orders - holiday time

    My ex and I lodged consent orders that began in February. It has not been an amicable process. The orders state: 4. The children are to live with the Mother. 5. Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Mother and Father, the children are to spend time with the Father as follows; (a)...
  4. A

    Parental Responsibility - Consent Orders

    Evening everyone, Some further history in other posts, however, are seeking some advice please regarding applying to vary consent orders. The existing orders are very brief and only include a few items which refer to - Parents have shared Parental responsibility - child lives with mother -...
  5. A

    NSW Making Amendments to Application for Consent Orders

    Hi, Bit of back story: Was with my ex for 5 years and had a child together in 2017. Having multiple break ups and reconciling, our relationship officially ended in Feb 2020 after he physically assaulted me. This was all caught on voice recording and he was told at the time it was being...
  6. K

    Variation to consent orders - threshold for change?

    Just after some thoughts and advice on seeking variation to consent orders. Orders were signed by consent late last year, following several years of disagreement about where children would go to school. Dad conceded to ex’s choice of private school, with a notation that school fees and...
  7. V

    Ex trying to violate child arrangement orders- what to do?

    Hello, all. I need help in regards to an existing family court order regarding my daughter who stays with my ex-wife. I have visiting rights by which I have to collect my daughter from school at 6pm on alternate fridays and drop at 6 on sunday. As my ex changed her address, now she is unwilling...
  8. W

    VIC Access orders

    Briefly, 4yo currently ordered by Court to spend 2 nights with father every second weekend. Hysterical at changeover to the point of being physically sick. Order also allows parents to call child daily whilst child is not in their care. Mother calls once fortnightly and keeps it brief (and is...
  9. Just-entering-the-system

    QLD Application for parenting orders

    Just a quick question as I have searched around a bit and cant really find an answer, we have put in an consent/ parenting plan and the com port has changed from being *closed* to being *voided by the courts,* what does this mean? I obviously will be contacting during business hours but Its the...
  10. T

    NSW Breach of consent orders, way to go.

    Hi there. Recently got consent property orders. No children involved. Basically the orders said for me to pay a sum of money then on 14 days notice the OP move out. I paid but the trouble is that the OP skinned the place leaving a bare and dysfunctional ex matrimonial home. The property was mine...