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Orders Are Orders is a 1955 British comedy film directed by David Paltenghi, and featuring Brian Reece, Peter Sellers, Sid James, Tony Hancock, Raymond Huntley, and Bill Fraser. Eric Sykes contributed to the script and appears in a minor role. It was a remake of the 1933 film Orders Is Orders.

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  1. G

    SA Child withheld against interim orders. No access. Issue with child care centre

    Hi.. So against interim orders the other parent is withholding our child. I've already filed paperwork and affidavits etc and have a hearing but I've been denied all access. The other parent and the legal rep have ignored all correspondence about seeing my daughter. There are no intervention...
  2. M

    VIC Parenting orders say half of school holidays - mother saying that doesn't apply in CV circumstances

    Hello FCC orders say; "For the first half of the school holidays at the end of Terms 1, 2 & 3 from after school on the last day of term until 5 pm AEST or 5:45 p.m. AESDST as appropriate in the second Saturday after the end of term in even numbered years." Pretty clear? Victorian premier Dan...
  3. P

    SA Principles relevant to application for stay of orders (pending appeal of property trial judgement)

    I am appealing a judgement on property issues. Does anyone have information on the principles relevant to whether a stay of orders will be granted? I am required to pay a large sum of money to my ex-partner, to do so will probably require selling a house that I want to keep and would most...
  4. K

    Parenting orders change? Dad in jail

    Kids are 13 and 15 and their dad went to jail last year for child sex related offenses. They have not seen or heard from him in 9 months. I have sole parental responsibility. How do I change the orders to reflect no contact? Parenting orders have been in place in Vic since 2012. Also, how can...
  5. P

    NSW Ex-parte orders self rep

    Last court appearance was Dec 19, where family are still waiting for family report dates to be given. Applicant father did not attend. Father has history of non attendance. Respondent mother asked for final orders be made in his absence (matter has been before the courts for several years...
  6. K

    SA Consent Orders Who Pays For In Financial Settlement

    In a Financial Settlement Do Both Parties Share The Cost Of Consent Orders,And What Are Likely Costs For Consent Orders.
  7. SophieW

    ACT Adding property/financial orders to live parenting order application?

    Hi everyone, I have a quick question (that I've been unable to completely work out from the Federal Circuit Court website). I am 95% sure that you can't tack on property/financial orders to a Federal Circuit Court case that is currently ONLY about interim and final parenting orders. I would...
  8. BrokeGirl7

    Relocating child abroad with consent order

    There's been a change since my previous post. My ex husband has unexpectedly signed a consent order my lawyer wrote 18 months ago. This gives me sole parenting responsibility and him visitation for 7 weeks per year in the school holidays. The order also states that I can leave NSW (I already...
  9. L

    QLD Father has had no contact for 3 years

    Hi Everyone, mum just after a bit of advice if anybody has been through a similar situation. My ex husband has had no contact with my child for 3 years now and I was recently served court papers stating he wants to resume visitation. I’m had sole parental responsibility for the past 3 years...
  10. F

    WA Child Support Assessment 2019 - 2020

    I received a letter late 2019 from Family Assistance to make a decision about my Family Tax Benefit. The other party is claiming I have only 4% care, back dated to 2012. (I have 21% as per family court orders). I responded Sept 2019 - - - My concern of the back date to 2012. That we had...