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Orders Are Orders is a 1955 British comedy film directed by David Paltenghi, and featuring Brian Reece, Peter Sellers, Sid James, Tony Hancock, Raymond Huntley, and Bill Fraser. Eric Sykes contributed to the script and appears in a minor role. It was a remake of the 1933 film Orders Is Orders.

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    VIC Intervention orders and police attendance?

    If someone is going to forward to apply for an intervention order and they want to get the police to provide their assessment at this situation when they were called to the scene whenever they were called, who asks the police to provide that information? Does the magistrate do this before the...
  2. S

    VIC Child Support - Financial Consent Orders - 10 years later

    Financial consent orders (and parenting orders) all sealed and stamped years ago when children toddlers. Ex and I are now on semi-amicable terms when it comes to raising our children, co-parenting OK. Money matters is a different story. He refuses to discuss finances, bordering on abusive...
  3. T

    Consent Orders

    Hi, my ex husband and i have signed a consent order that allows me to have 100 % care of my kids, have no contact with their dad, have their passports and travel and even allows me to change their last name. He asked me to have a lawyer draft the consent orders and he didn't want to pay for...
  4. B

    NSW Both parents agreed to changing orders but these now fail

    There has been a court order in place for over 10 years for my 2 children then ages 4 and 6. They spent the weekdays with me and 3 out of 4 weekends with their mother. 50% school holidays. There was disagreements over the years but this stayed in place. The children respected them too and we...
  5. B

    VIC Consent orders property settlement

    Hello, I would really appreciate any advice you can offer, as I am now out of funds & refuse to throw any more $$$ at a solicitor who was totally irrelevant & ineffective. Court ordered, signed consent orders for property settlement. Family home to be sold / personal property to be returned...
  6. K

    QLD Discountine of consent orders

    Consent orders where made , the ex has now put in a discontinuous, been to court hearing had to right affidavits, hers had so many lies I can prove are lies . What do I do ? I have been primary carer for 15 months and we are doing parenting plan she requested now her circumstances have changed...
  7. K

    VIC Final orders by consent today but clause missed

    I attended court today for final trial which ended up being orders made by consent. At the start of the day a hyphenated surname was agreed upon but as it transpires this has been omitted from the final orders that were submitted. Do I have any options here I read about a slip rule could this...
  8. M

    VIC CSA - When other parent not following orders - has asked CSA to pay 'actual' care

    Hello, I'm waiting for mediation but in the mean time, the ex is not following parenting orders. She has applied to CSA for actual care despite FCC orders being in place. CSA say they will act on actual care... Any advice? Mediation is still months away.
  9. N

    QLD Holiday orders

    Hi, I am begging someone to help me please, so we have final orders agreed upon in 2021, op has from 3pm Friday till Monday 9am every 2nd weekend, and half holidays, it changes who has first week and 2nd week with odd and even years, child attends Catholic school so they have an extra week...
  10. G

    Court orders re communication between parents

    Hi, just wanted to clarify with the brains trust about how to interpret my court orders. The orders say: "That for the purpose of communication between the parents matters regarding long term welfare issues pertaining to the children the parties shall utilise email and in the case of an...