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QLD Second Hand Car is a Lemon

Discussion in 'Australian Consumer Law Forum' started by Corrina Taylor, 4 August 2017.

  1. Corrina Taylor

    4 August 2017
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    I bought 2ndhand Volvo XC90 from dealership in October last year.
    The A/C had to be fixed before we took ownership. The second day of owning it the battery completely died & I had to pay $70 for a power charger while it took them 7 days to supply & fit new battery. Then we realised the car doesn't shut down when turned off (eg a/c will continue to blow air). Also the plastic covers on front seat sides were split (that hold all lumbar electricals).
    So took it back to dealership 190kms had to stay overnight because they couldn't do it in one day. Picked up car at 5pm next day & 10kms up the road realised my drivers seat was constantly moving through the lumbar positions. Went to switch it off and the button fell off. Can't turn it off so have now been driving for four months with moving drivers seat & the plastic cover has split because of constant motion which I can now see they glued together! The passenger window now goes up & down when it wants and the air still continues to stay on when car is off. And if I can get hold of original sales pictures I'm pretty confident they changed the tyres on us before hand over. Have had to purchase 4 x Pirellis @ $1200 3 months after purchase & tyres I inspected had loads of wear left!!
    Am being ignored by owner & am not willing for them to "fix" the car again. They break more than they fix!! I want a refund of car & tyres.
    Any advice of who/what I should do/contact next greatly appreciated

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