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The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) is a motoring club and mutual organisation which provides its members with a range of products and services in the areas of motoring and mobility, home, leisure, financial services and general insurance.
Members of RACV consist of about 30,000 "ordinary" club members who have access to the lifestyle club properties and 2.1m service members who hold any product offered by RACV.
The RACV runs a lifestyle club known as the RACV Club, with locations in the Melbourne CBD and at Healesville. It operates 5 resorts in regional Victoria, 1 in Tasmania and 2 in Queensland which distinct from the lifestyle club properties do not require a visitor to be a paid up club member or be a guest of a club member. RACV also produces a bi-monthly magazine for all members which covers travel/touring destinations in Victoria, interstate and overseas, motoring and mobility news and reviews, and member benefits news and updates.

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  1. C

    VIC Car Accident - Anyone Dealt with an RACV Assessment?

    Hello everyone, My husband has recently been hit by a car insured with RACV. Both parties did not suffer injury. My husband has third party insurance with AAMI and since this is the other party's fault, he has been following up with RACV. The assessor from Motor Loss had given him a call...
  2. J

    VIC Car Accident with 3 Cars - Who is at Fault?

    So on the weekend in banked up main-road traffic, my partner and I were sitting stationary in our Madza 3. A red Subaru Impreza was in front of us and in front of them was a blue Mazda hatchback. I'm unsure if we were at a red light at the time, or simply stuck in stationary traffic. At a guess...
  3. C

    VIC What are Our Rights Regarding Lemon Car?

    We brought a new Mitsubishi Pajero in February 2014. We planned an 8-week holiday in SA towing, a caravan. We brought the car for this purpose. We left Victoria in the middle of August 2014 with just over 1500km on the clock. It had its due service before we left. A week in to our holiday in...
  4. C

    VIC Misled by Car Salesperson - Take it Up with Ford?

    I’ve just bought a new Ford vehicle and as part of the deal I get a free RACV roadside assistance. But I must get the vehicle serviced with Ford every 15000 km to re-qualify. I’ve received all the RACV welcome info and membership number – membership valid until my next service. I went to get my...
  5. G

    VIC Can't Contact Driver at Fault after Car Accident - Pay Excess?

    A women backed into my legally parked car. She was about to drive off but I managed to stop her. She was very abusive and blamed her grandmother dying & she didn't have time for this. I managed to get her name, registration number & mobile number, she refused to give her address & drove off...
  6. HWTseng

    VIC Car Accident - Other Party Denies Fault

    Hi all, first time poster, I hope this is the correct forum. Basically I was in a vehicle with my aunty as the driver. We stopped behind another vehicle that was also stationary, it was at a T junction and we believe the driver in front was waiting for the road to clear before proceeding a right...