Protection for a friend from abusive ex

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27 September 2020
Hi all

I will keep it as brief as I can but I am a concerned friend and wanting some advice. My best friend's husband decided to leave her a few month ago, they have three kids. He was always abusive during the marriage and since separating, he is ramping it up. We now know he has a partner, despite going back to my friend and having his cake and eating it too. Now that she knows this information she is finally done with him and his control and manipulation. She's ordered him to come and get all his things and to fast forward the consent orders (that he says he will sign). He became very aggressive upon hearing this from my friend as he is not used to losing control over her. She would never keep him from the kids so that is not the issue, however, now that he knows he has lost all control over her I worry even more. I have pleaded with her to get a DVO but she's been a battered woman for so long, she won't do it. Unfortunately, I fear the worst. The husbands that kill the kids and then the ex just for revenge.......he is definitely capable of that (although she thinks he isn't) and all of her close friends agree.

Any advice would be welcome as I am just so worried that one day, the worst will happen, and I have done nothing to help protect them.


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27 May 2014
and I have done nothing to help protect them.

You cannot help someone who refuses to help themselves.

All you can do is provide advice and support. Just be there when she finally realises her mistakes.