NSW Prime will not let me leave

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Michael Spink

29 August 2017
Hi All, sorry in advanced for the long post.

I currently work for a company as a sub contractor through a middle man called a "Prime". Without knowing turns out if I want to work for this same company under another Prime I cannot do so unless my current prime signs a release.

My current prime is not willing to do so and will not let me work for anyone else. Purely based on the fact that he will look bad infront of the manger. Is there anything I can do legally that will allow me to get a release from him.

Not sure if this makes a difference, but we were messaging each other about this issue and he tried to mislead me into the idea that he will not release me but will instead forward me to another prime by emailing the manager of the company. However, I figured out that this was a lie and there is no such thing as "forwarding a prime" but it was all an attempt to figure out who the prime I wanted to move to was because I was unwilling to tell him. Also, he basically lied to the manager saying I have family problems and called me off work until further notice and also threatened my work for leaving. He also has had me out on the field working with a van which has not been audited claiming that it does not matter despite me asking several times for an audit. I have all this on text and was wondering if I could use this or anything in an attempt to get released.

Thank you for any help.