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    NSW Redundancy Help

    In a redundancy package if superannuation in a work contract is 15.4% and the award is 9.5% which percentage needs to be calculated? If hours are owed for time in lieu and there is no reference to it in the Deed of Release is it fair to ask it to be included
  2. L

    WA COVID-19 role change, jobkeeper and redundancy

    Hi. I am currently on JobKeeper since mid April when my employer advised of a downturn in sales. At the same time, my employer changed my role and hours of work e.g. no longer a sales person working 37.5hrs, I am now a store person working 15 hrs. They even gave me a new position description...
  3. S

    Employer making me pay course fee

    I had signed up to do a certificate IV course in my review at the company I was made redundant through in early April, they agreed to pay for me to do the course. After being made redundant we tried cancelling the course as I didn’t want to continue the course, as I couldn’t afford the payments...
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    NSW Made redundant - commissions being withheld

    Hi there, Recently (with Covid-19 used as an excuse but not genuine) I was made redundant from my job of nearly 10 years. Part of my job involved sales, from which I earned commissions above my base pay (base is really low so commissions are my lifeline). My former employer (got along great with...
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    Contractor and redundancy entitlement

    Hi, my employer is going to engage a contractor in the capacity of BDM, and currently working on the agreement, however he is unsure if this contractor will be entitled to any redundancy payment if his service is no longer required in the future. Hope you can assist. I understand the agreement...
  6. K

    NSW Can an employer deny access to payslips

    Hi there, I want to ask a question regarding pay slips, as I have been made recently redundant from a retail job that I had been working in for 15 years after a takeover. My ex boss said that I would be paid within two weeks after my termination. As a casual employee I only have long service...
  7. J

    WA Redundancy question at Uni

    I work in IT for a large Uni and we have just had another restructure. In my team we have 3 x Software Analysts, which includes me. They have reduced the number of Software Analysts down to 2, so the three of us have to apply for the 2 roles. We are the same level, same job titles and same job...
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    QLD Employment Law on Individual Agreements?

    Hi all, I will try to keep this brief. I am employed in an individual agreement (as are 200 others) on week on/week off. The company is scaling back production on one site and wishes to redeploy (in lieu of redundancy) me to a new site (similar locality) but changed to roster B, which will...
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    VIC Non genuine redundancy?

    Hi there, I was made redundant from my full time roll on the 6/6/19, my last day being the 28/6/19. Worked there since April 12th 2016. This was due to my position no longer being required. However the company has employed a temp' staff member for the next 3-6 months doing the same job...
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    QLD Taking long service and working till redundancy comes.

    My job role has been made redundant but the company says I have to stay till a certain date to get that redundancy. Can I take my long service leave to take me through to that date and start a new full time job whilst on long service. I am in QLD.