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The notice period is the time period between the receipt of the letter of dismissal and the end of the last working day. This time period has to be given to an employee by their employer before their employment ends. It also refers to the period between resignation date and last working day in the company when an employee resigns.

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  1. J

    QLD Expiry of Notice period for end of tenancy

    Hello, my parents have a commercial property with a tenant that pre existed their ownership. He refused to sign new lease terms or get the right Council approvals to occupy the premises. It was an acrimonious relationship. He was on a month to month holding over tenancy (REIQ Commercial...
  2. S

    ACT Penalty for too short notice

    If an employment contract requires the employee to give 6 months' notice of resigning but does not mention any penalty for giving shorter notice, then what are the sanctions for giving the legal minimum 2 weeks' notice instead of 6 months? Do the penalties depend on whether the employer breached...
  3. LauraMae

    QLD Employee given formal notice due to COVID-19

    Hi all, I work in the office for an essential services company - a Trades business who employ over 50 staff. We all got given our "formal notice" via letter due to the uncertainty with Covid-19 (despite March being a record month in terms of turnover) with the appropriate amount of notice...
  4. Andy Pether

    QLD Notice Period & Notice to sell a commercial premises

    Hi... Hope I’m in the right forum. My question is in regards to the legal notice period required by your landlord on a commercial retail property. And whether the landlord has to provide notice that he is selling the property. I was recently in the middle of negotiating a new lease on my...
  5. A

    ACT Can I Join Client Company as Contractor?

    Hi Experts, I was employee of Company A in India. The company A sent me on deputation to Australia to work for client (company xyz). That time I was on 457 visa and there was a Non-Compete Agreement in my deputation letter which my Company A had signed with me when I was in India. The clause...
  6. R

    NSW Driving a vehicle with cancelled registration

    My son had his registration cancelled due to unpaid fines. He didn't find out until he was pulled over for it - now he has another fine. Service NSW tells me they don't have to notify you that they have cancelled your registration, but also that he should have got about 4 letters of intent to do...
  7. A

    VIC Two Employment Contracts - Which One is Applicable?

    Hi there, Fairwork Australia can’t help in this matter because when I joined my work. They emailed me a contract. I signed it and took it to work for them to sign. The manager was not there, so I left with one of the colleagues for the manager to sign. I was casual initially hired for 2 days/...
  8. M

    Can I Use Annual Leave to Reduce Notice Period?

    More job switching questions: My current contract requires 4 weeks' notice period, but what if I get a job offer that wants me to start in 2 weeks? Since I have more than 2 weeks of annual leave saved up, could I get around that by requesting that they keep the rest of my annual leave and let...
  9. L

    NSW Notice Period for Quitting a Job with Contract in Place?

    Hi, I had a casual/part time job which I signed an employment contract to work in. The contract didn’t say anything about other quitting consequences apart from losing 300$ deposit which I had given them at the beginning... or so I remember. My question is, if I forfeit the 300$, can I quit my...
  10. Cnuck

    NSW Employment Contract - What to Do When Employer Rescinds Offer?

    Hi, I recently moved to Sydney (from North America) after securing employment here. I signed an employment contract with the employer (they signed it too) that included all the usual details (start date, salary, probationary period, notice, etc.) about a month before coming over. A week before...