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Annual leave is paid time off work granted by employers to employees to be used for whatever the employee wishes. Depending on the employer's policies, differing number of days may be offered, and the employee may be required to give a certain amount of advance notice, may have to coordinate with the employer to be sure that staffing is adequately covered during the employee's absence, and other requirements may have to be met. The vast majority of countries today mandate a minimum amount of paid annual leave by law, though the United States is a notable exception in mandating no minimum paid leave and treating it as a perk rather than a right.

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    VIC Annual Leave "Policy"

    We have a new leader in a corporation, they are based outside Australia (within Asia). The manager has stated they do not usually approve leave in the last month of the quarter (calendar quarters) for sales role. I am a single parent with no family support and naturally plan holidays around...
  2. D


    Hello guys, I’ve been working for the employer 3 years but they don’t provide any leaves at all including annual leave, sick leave,... whenever i’m on holiday, they didn’t pay annual leave or when i sent them medical certificates, they didn’t pay for sick leaves. And no annual leaves amount on...
  3. W

    Job Keeper - being forced to take annual leave and RDO

    Hello, My work has stood me down (along with 300 others) and have successfully applied for the Job Keeper allowance and I also qualify. They are forcing everybody with annual leave and RDO hours greater than 76 to use them regardless if they want too. The original theory was we would collect...
  4. M

    NSW Made redundant - commissions being withheld

    Hi there, Recently (with Covid-19 used as an excuse but not genuine) I was made redundant from my job of nearly 10 years. Part of my job involved sales, from which I earned commissions above my base pay (base is really low so commissions are my lifeline). My former employer (got along great with...
  5. O

    QLD Annual Leave accrual

    can employers Change accrual amounts without notification?
  6. J

    VIC Is Saturday an Annual Leave Day?

    I work Monday to Saturday for a salary they say that we are paid for 55hrs in which we may be required to work some overtime. Most weeks I work excess of 60hrs. I had a Saturday off given that I’d already worked 65hr during the week. My boss has decided that Saturday is an annual leave day...
  7. E

    VIC Parental Leave Entitlements After a Period of Unpaid Leave?

    Hello all. I am looking to find out if I am entitled to parental leave with my employer. I started in a permanent full-time position in October 2014 and worked continuously till July 2018. At this time, I was granted 6 months leave without pay to work for a different employer (in a relevant...
  8. C

    WA Employer trying to recover benefit after not paying correct wages.

    Hello, I have an issue with my employer where they were not paying me (and other staff) the correct penalty rates and in my case, non payment of leave loading. While I was able to finally convince them of my correct entitlements under the Award for the penalty rates and loading and they have...
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    NSW Unfair Dismissal - Annual Leave

    Hello, My wife was recently let go from her cleaning job. We had organised with a friend to go on a Boat Cruise from the 18th of December. It was booked withing a day to reserve the great deal that our friend had gotten for us. My wife then asked for some time off (2 months notice). The time off...
  10. T

    WA Discrepancy Relating to Overpayment - Employer Not Following Enterprise Agreement?

    Hi all, I have an odd and rather complex problem I need help with. Note: all figures are approximate for ease of explanation. Context/background 3 years ago, my employer gave me a increase in pay that I wasn’t entitled to, per Enterprise Agreement. This increase was also backdated. In effect...