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  1. J

    NSW Employment Restraint for a Year

    Hi, This is the restraint on my employment contract, "On termination of you employment it is a requirement that you shall not work within the car rental industry, in direct competition with Jim Car Rentals Pty Ltd either on or within 100 kms of Sydney for a minimum of 1 year" I have been working...
  2. K

    NSW Do I tell my foreign employer their employment contract is illegal?

    I've been offered a job with a foreign company and they've sent me the employment contract to sign. I've read it and it contravenes Australian employment law in a couple of places. However the contract states that the legal jurisdiction for the contract is the country where the employer is...
  3. V

    NSW Criminal Record, Present Employment Retrospective Check

    Hi Everyone, I have one criminal record (shoplifting - fined $300) dated back in February 2007 (12 years ago) - thats the only criminal record I have. I have been working for my current company for over 2 years. Previously have worked in a hospital as well as other big corporations. However, I...
  4. B

    QLD Discrimination - rescinded employment offer

    As an 18 year old, I received an infringement notice for possession of an illegal drug on two occasions (1 x ecstasy and the other 1 x joint). I've undertaken work with mental health practitioners to reform. I've worked (in a paid and voluntary capacity) with a diverse range of children and...
  5. theartfuldodger

    NSW Will I ever get paid?

    I work as an employee for a labour hire group who subcontracts us to a postal company, where I work for four hours each day. My labour company sends a roster to the postal company, with the names of people who will work that day. One day I turned up to work, having been confirmed to do so (from...
  6. F

    NSW Specific Provisions in Employment contract related to specific project

    I have been reviewing a new employment contract for a full time role. This is for consulting role for which I will be working on a number of client facing projects. They have however highlighted one specific project that they wish for me to work on as an employee. It is no different to the...
  7. G

    VIC Non work related injury - employer refused to offer light duties

    A friend of mine (airport baggage handler) broke his hand playing football. He wants to come back to work but the employer has refused him to return on light duties because he was injured outside of work. They say the process is to use all of his personal leave, followed by all of his annual...
  8. F

    WA Damage claims no contract

    Hi I am a part time employee working roughly 35 hours with no contract and have been working with this employer for 2 years. Recently, the employer cutting my regular hours. Without notice, the employer advice as from next week my hours will be 20 hours per week. I have written back to the...
  9. F

    WA Cutting Regular Hours

    Hi, I am a part time employee with no contract and been employed with this employer for 2 years. Employer recently trim my hours from 35 to 25 hours and advise that they could further axe more hours. The employer have posted notice in the staff room notifying all staffs that there could be a...
  10. F

    WA Employment no contract

    Hi, Can someone help me? I been working for a medium size business (approx 20 staffs) for approx 2 years now. During this time, the employer did not give me a contract of employment. I been working on average of about 35 hours per week for the last 2 years. Just 2 weeks a ago, I approach...