VIC MK-ULTRA Project - Australian Kangaroo Courts for Remuneration?

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Red Belly

Active Member
1 November 2017
I've established without doubt, I've been a "subject" of that pernicious mind control program since birth in 1955, with the family willingly and unwillingly involved, in "conditioning" me for a role with "large cults". A role I reject as crazy.

Isolated for decades now, I conclude because their silly plans were outed, and so they went off the rails, leaving me in a rather deep hole. I'm something of a nervous wreck now, as for the last decade-plus really, for being maltreated by too many people, friends and strangers, including the police in Vic, NSW and Qld. Toughening-up, gone too far.

That's why I will not do anything alone, to put the evidence I have to any Australian Kangaroo. I mean Court. (I still have a sense of humor), especially if it requires any contact with police. I have no criminal or mental health record.

The last police officer I spoke to about "stalking" on the day I finally went to the station to b***h about being stalked by a "neighbor" (to my storage sheds), an "officer" whom I'm certain is in fact covering, for the station's usual lone officer, and is "impersonating" a police officer to myself at least, alleging he is the previous officer, by name.

1 charge against him.

Nevertheless, in regard to my attending to ask about stalking, this "stand-in" told me there are no anti-stalking laws in Victoria. Dejected, I did't check for myself (for not trusting my online connection either), until a few days ago, when I did and found the "1958 Crimes Act, Section 21A" which appears to be current, and is the Victorian Stalking law in detail.

I'm fairly sure the stand-in is ASIO. So anything he says cannot be trusted, (and must not be!) I have another alleged Qld police officer's name, from when in Queensland, who I am also sure is ASIO, and who has been as much as stalking me for some 16-plus years, though I haven't seen him now for a few years, about 2014.

MK-ULTRA. I have a case, (yes I am one now, thanks, also!) which I'd like to see put to the courts, before I peg out, against both ASIO, the CIA, MI5 & MI6, and thus against what we might call "the establishment".

Any help please?


Well-Known Member
6 April 2016
What you describe is classic mental health symptoms.

One way you can easily tell the difference between something that is imagined and something that is real is 'motive'. What motive do secret agencies have to follow you around? Are you connected with terrorists? No, are you connected with crime gangs? No, are you connected with espionage activities? No, do you possess secret technology? No, What do you have that they want? Nothing.

And the other thing is, with all these people following you around, funny how in all these years nothing ever comes of it. You would think if something was going to happen, it would have happened by now?? This is like in the movie 'a Beautiful mind' .... he only ever realized the true reality by the fact that the girl never got older! The lies of the mind were exposed as false by the passage of time.

What does that tell you? Get mental help!

I can tell you, i have my own personal paranoia... i believe other motorists with the petrol cap on the same side as my car deliberately rush ahead into the petrol station i want to go to and take up all the pumps on my side and leave all the pumps on the other side free...... all just to annoy me! Now the reason i believe this is because of personal experience and observation, but, however, in reality i do not 'really' believe it :)

Red Belly

Active Member
1 November 2017
MK-Ultra. Fact. Documented fact, not paranoia. Australia has victims like the USA and Britain has, etc etc. ASIO lead in administering whatever "treatment" the higher-ups deem necessary. You are as likely "one of them!"

("Who is 'them'?", Clancy replies, eager to assert more anonymous gibberish in allegations from "... the dark side..., Luke." )

The responder leaps to conclusions, almost as if they're aware and happy to be part of the syndicated gang stalking I've endured.

Sadism? Or, simply paid by big cults, to troll a target.

Not a mental health issue, but I do admit, after so long, one becomes affected intellectually, in terms of developing autonomic resistances and blockages ("healthy paranoia", necessary for survival in hostile territory), especially in regard to trust.

And socially, in terms of loss of social-skills.

You comment either out of ignorance or for sadistic desire to strike a vulnerable target, from the security of your anonymity.

But, this is a social media venue.

Besides, I sought and had psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists plus skilled professional mental health associates, of very high calibre, check me out over more than ten years, and none concluded I had any mental health problems. Well before I was informed as to what was happening back of my life.

But thanks for educing my response here, for others, more knowledgeable than yourself, to peruse this thread and deduce I'm not the nutter you wish I was.

Clearly you "Clancy" are trolling me. Now, thanks for the insult, but please, crawl back into your eggshell, and come out once you've completed your gestation.

That's a joke.

Question; have you ever been diagnosed as suffering from "narcissism"?

Therefore, back at you, "friend".
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