VIC mental health act history

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22 May 2020
in 2021, i was subjected to mental health act and put in mental ward for 7 days. The reason was my ex is a cia agent who was torturing me by using domestic voilence to create mk ultra alter in me.Along with the abuse ,i was continously subjected to gang stalking and sleep torture for last 12 years. Sleep torture is sudden movement of arm or leg when one is about to sleep and sudden shocks in the body. My ex was into satanic witchcraft and will literally bring home graveyards soil to do spells. When i questioned that my ex is a US military officer who is also cia agent who has been torturing me, i was taken by police to hospital to be subjected to mental health act. I cant work because no one hires me, i apply jobs daily. Uber has created errors on app so i cant drive and they make excuses that my account is fine. Rest if i try to do jobs involving delivery then other car bully me.What are affects of mental health act? can i still become a nurse ?or a doctor? Will i have to live on centerlink for rest of my life? My ex joked to me online saying "dare to sue me. how is your psychosis now?"


29 November 2023
I'm sorry to hear about your distressing experiences. Dealing with mental health challenges can be overwhelming, especially when facing situations that seem unjust or difficult to explain. It's crucial to seek support and guidance during such times. Speaking of mental health, I've come across useful information on managing intrusive thoughts that might offer some strategies to cope with distressing thoughts and feelings here: As for your concerns about your future career prospects, it's essential to seek advice from professionals who can guide you through your options, especially if you're considering becoming a nurse or a doctor. Hang in there, and keep seeking help and exploring possibilities. You deserve support and a chance to pursue your goals.


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3 December 2015
I'm really sorry to hear about the challenges and experiences you've been through. Being subjected to the mental health act and dealing with such difficult circumstances must have been incredibly tough. Regarding your career aspirations in nursing or medicine, having a history with the mental health act doesn't automatically disqualify you. Each case is unique, and many factors are considered, including current health status, treatment progress, and personal circumstances.

It's important to focus on your health and well-being first. Seeking support from mental health professionals can provide guidance and help you navigate your path forward.
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