QLD Manufacturer will not fix product problems

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    If I have asked this in the wrong place, then sorry.

    I bought a electronic product for my car from a company in New Zealand. The product has things that do not work correctly, or random faults. I contacted the company over two years ago and reported the problems. After a lot of conversations back and forwards the engineers confirmed the problems existed. This product can be updated with a software download. They said the problems would be fixed in a future update. There has been many software updates and none addressed the problems. I have been now told that they are working on a new product, and work on fixing problems on the current model will never happen.

    When I contacted the CEO of the company he told me the same thing. No amount of emails would change his mind. I then said I would go on the internet and tell everyone about the faults in the product. I now have them threaten to sue me and claim they have called the Queensland police ?. They have not offered to give me my money back. And I have not asked. They just told me to move on. Not so easy to send it back. My car would not run and there would be considerable expense to buy, wire in and setup a similar brand product. I would prefer to keep the product and have the problems fixed. I told them that I would be happy if they just fixed one of the problems. One of their engineers told me sometime ago, that it would not be hard to fix, but it is well down the list of things to fix.

    I have all the emails for the last three years that show there is problems with this product and all the current. What can I do to get this resolved.


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