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  1. B

    WA Unwanted LuxStyle Products and IO International Collections -What to Do?

    Hi, I received unsolicited goods from LuxStyle (Finland ) after filling a form in on a Facebook ad. I never ordered any product. I've since found out that this company does this all the time to try and force people to pay for stuff they didn't order. I found out from consumer protection that I...
  2. T

    QLD International Company Chasing Debt for Item Never Received?

    I was browsing a site a few months back, filled in my personal details but never hit buy, never entered any payment details and exited the page without completing the form. A month later, I get an email asking for payment for an item which I never received. I emailed them back telling them I...
  3. J

    LuxStyle Demanding Bill for Product I Never Received?

    My question is that I have an ex-girlfriend who knows my info and had possession of my phone. She ordered a few things using my info to cause some issues for me: one being from this company called LuxStyle. I have no idea what they are, but they sent me a bill for some kind of product...
  4. H

    VIC Overseas Company Chasing Debt for Item I Didn't Order

    Hello, I have problem(s) with Company Overseas namely LuxStyle Lux International Sales with emails and a letter demanding payment of the Invoice for the item which was sent without my consent or knowledge. I emailed them for the explanation of this transaction as 'alleged' buyer and attempt to...