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  1. J

    VIC Faulty Bonaire Air Conditioner - Rights to a Full Refund?

    Hi, I have a Bonaire BI12OD Air Conditioner that is faulty (it won't cool down our house on hot days), purchased for $12,000 Heating & Cooling. It has been a manufacture fault as the system I now know has many bad reviews and prone to always breaking down. I have had 13 service calls to...
  2. J

    VIC Should I Claim Compensation for Faulty Unit?

    Hi, I have purchased a Bonaire Dual BI12OD Dual Cycle Refrigerant Cooling & Gas Heating System in 2011. It had a 5-year warranty. It worked fine for a year, blowing cold air. Then once I had serviced it by the Boniare (Climate Technology's Service Technician), it seemed to have ongoing problems...