VIC Is it legal to dropship items from Ebay onto Facebook Marketplace?

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New Member
6 September 2021

I have registered a company and plan to sell discounted items through Facebook Marketplace and eventually a Shopify store.

I know it is legal to dropship from a dropshipping supplier, but is it also legal to dropship an item found on Ebay?

For example, let's say Ebay is selling a vacuum cleaner for $350, but I have a 20% off coupon code that I can use. This would mean the vacuum costs me $280. Can I list it on Facebook Marketplace for let's say $340 and keep the $60 profit? I would buy it from Ebay on my account and have it sent to them.

I am also registered for GST and would email a tax invoice to the customer after purchase. I know that as the seller of the goods I am responsible if there are any defects, so I have a customer support email that I would provide. I am also not sure if I would void any warranty provided by the original Ebay seller for doing this, if they did need to return the item due to not being fit for purpose.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you