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    QLD eBay purchase unclaimed by seller

    In April 2019 I purchased a 3D printer through eBay from a business in Melbourne for approximately $800.00. The wrong printer was sent by the vendor, which due to its small size was unfit for the purpose I had purchased it for. Initially I asked the vendor exchange the item, but the vendor...
  2. S

    VIC Fraudulent Seller on Ebay - What to Do?

    I purchased on Ebay a Bechstein piano from a seller in Victoria. I am in NSW. A nice picture of lovely Bechstein model 6 which should be worth $5-8000. Nobody bid on auction after which I offered $250 which was half the starting price; they accepted, I had the piano shipped. On arrival, the...
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    VIC Caught Shoplifting - What Happens in Court?

    Hi! Please anyone here give me some opinions. I am very scared right now and I don’t know what is gonna happen to my life next. I got caught shoplifting yesterday. They called the police and the police brought me to police station to be interviewed and recorded. This is my first time facing...
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    VIC Is it safe to order this item from ebay?

    Hello, I've been wondering if a Bokken (Wodden katana) that I plan for cosplaying would not be confiscated by the police during transit if ordered through Ebay. The seller is based in NSW, will it be safe to order it because i am unsure of the VIC laws.
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    SA I bought 2 laptops on eBay and I return for refund but the seller seems to give a scam on me

    Hi! I recently purchased 2 laptops in late March and late April from a seller in eBay. Both laptops was not good so I return to the seller and they agree to refund me in 5th June. Until now I haven't got my refund yet. They said they transferred money to my bank account since 6th June. I start...
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    WA Restitution Order - Getting Jewellery Back from Police?

    My friend was involved in a jewellery fraud, and lost two expensive items. One item was sold to a pawn shop and from there sold and ended up on eBay where it was found recently. Anyway, the bloke who actually stole the items was found guilty and sent to prison late last year and at the time the...
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    SA ebay has a restricted trade practice on small traders world wide

    now that ebay and paypal are no longer one company they Ebay have changed the contracts so anyone can sell without Paypal , but that contract is in valid to every small trader world wide the conditions clearly show one has to obtain a merchant server to handle that transactions both sell and...
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    SA eBay Contract Broken for Small Traders

    Ebay's contract states anyone can sell on the platform without using paypal. That's impossible to every small trader as there is no provision to do so. They show that one must have a merchant server - the only two options are a paypal and a corporate paypal is not available and the corporate...
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    SA Fraud on Ebay - What Can I Do?

    I seen an ad on ebay for a caravan up for auction. In the text, it had a email address to contact if you wanted to buy it now, negotiate with the seller. The seller and I agreed to a price but I was concerned about the distance from me to this van. So I wanted to deal through Ebay. He said he...
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    QLD Fraud - How to Pursue Action Against Buyer?

    Hello I am in Qld and I sold an item on eBay to a buyer in WA. I am just a private seller, not a business. Details not important for my question, but she has committed fraud, and eBay allowed her to keep the item ad took the money from my account to refund her. I have huge amounts of proof. I...