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  1. D

    VIC Binding financial agreement

    If you went to a lawyer to get a binding financial agreement done would they take your photo ID to make sure you are who you say you are?
  2. T

    One Owner. Legal Agreement Between Partners?

    I own a house in my name (I live in it). My partner (not de-facto yet or married) is paying 50% of the mortgage and now they want to have their name added to the Title. The Transfer Duty is almost $30K. I'd rather not pay this, again! Is there any way we can have a lawyer write out an agreement...
  3. V

    VIC Need lawyer for Prenup Agreement

    Hello, I am looking out for a lawyer for a basic prenuptial agreement. Me and the partner need a very basic one with clauses only around property ownership. Please let me know the cost estimate for both of us together. Thanks
  4. marianapower

    NSW Question about Legal Costs Agreement

    Hello, I recently hired a law firm for a commercial matter. When I received a settlement offer, I was happy to take the offer - but the law firm said they could get more money/better outcome and this turned into further Deed negotiations. I was given a costs agreement of $12,000 and I put...
  5. J

    VIC Breach of binding financial agreement

    My ex-husband and I divorced since October last year. After filling the divorce application, we also signed the binding financial agreement that he is to refinance the house he wants to keep (with a big debt) and have me exit the mortgage loan and the title. I was happy for this agreement as I...
  6. S

    NSW Tenancy rental agreement - Discrepancy of term dates

    Hello - my husband and myself have signed a standard form residential tenancy agreement. Under the terms portion, it states "26 weeks starting on 29/11/2019 and ending on 28/11/2020". Furthermore, we received an official welcome letter stating "we have been approved for a 6 month lease". The...
  7. F

    VIC Separation - payment of legal fees

    I am currently going through a separation. As I understand in most cases both parties bear their own legal costs. I myself have a loan agreement with my parents to pay for my legals. My ex has taken out an IVO on me and I have some legal costs (20K) associated with defending the order. My...
  8. A

    Binding Financial Agreement

    Good Evening, I hope that everyone is well We have received a letter from the ex's lawyer which we kindly request some advice on please. Obviously its difficult in a public forum to put across enough information for an understanding, which i can provide if it helps to understand the situation...
  9. S

    QLD commercial tenancy agreement

    Hi, I have had a few sequential commercial tenancies on a small shop, )which is part of a shopping centre of about 5 adjoining shops), covering a period of almost 8 years. My current 1 year lease runs out on May 11, 2020. On January 3 I was approached by my landlord who also runs a Hair Salon...
  10. A

    VIC exclusive sale agreement

    hi all please help about exclusive sale authority i am already with one agency on this agreement and they have not provided a copy at the point of signing the agreement paper which was only 1 page of 5 actual pages. they didn't even fill it full or correctly. the same single paper was emailed...