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  1. F

    VIC Separation - payment of legal fees

    I am currently going through a separation. As I understand in most cases both parties bear their own legal costs. I myself have a loan agreement with my parents to pay for my legals. My ex has taken out an IVO on me and I have some legal costs (20K) associated with defending the order. My...
  2. A

    Binding Financial Agreement

    Good Evening, I hope that everyone is well We have received a letter from the ex's lawyer which we kindly request some advice on please. Obviously its difficult in a public forum to put across enough information for an understanding, which i can provide if it helps to understand the situation...
  3. S

    QLD commercial tenancy agreement

    Hi, I have had a few sequential commercial tenancies on a small shop, )which is part of a shopping centre of about 5 adjoining shops), covering a period of almost 8 years. My current 1 year lease runs out on May 11, 2020. On January 3 I was approached by my landlord who also runs a Hair Salon...
  4. A

    VIC exclusive sale agreement

    hi all please help about exclusive sale authority i am already with one agency on this agreement and they have not provided a copy at the point of signing the agreement paper which was only 1 page of 5 actual pages. they didn't even fill it full or correctly. the same single paper was emailed...
  5. J

    VIC Claiming unpaid child support from a private agreement from 6 years ago

    An ex partner and I had a child born in 2004. The relationship was 3 months, I didn't want the pregnancy but had no choice in the matter. We tried to make it work but it ended when the child was 4 months. I maintained a relationship with the child for almost a year, visiting weekly at her house...
  6. D

    Cancelation term of contract

    Hello, I am hoping someone might be able to give some advice. We are a UK tech company that have clients in AU. We have the following cancelation term in our agreement, and the client has signed this contract. This client has canceled their contract and they are stating "Our position is...
  7. J

    VIC Leave loading entitlement

    I started a new position at work six months ago and signed a new contract. I have just had two weeks annual leave and queried why I did not get leave loading. Found out my new pay rate includes leave loading so they say I am not entitled to it. Fair enough from the date of the contract any leave...
  8. IdentityWitheld2020

    QLD Director/Shareholder wishing to resign- Do I forfeit my shares?

    I am resigning from my position as a Director of a small company. There are two directors, me and my other co founder. We assigned new shareholders in exchange for a loan. By resigning, do I automatically have to forfeit/sell my shares? We have a shareholders agreement, but it makes no mention...
  9. Bobelix

    TAS Do I Need a licensing agreement or similar?

    I am a photographer. I am putting together a photo book that shows images of what I think fictional characters would carry with them every day. For example, what does Han Solo carry every day? What does a Star Trek officer carry on an away mission? Do I need the permission of the copyright...
  10. J

    Subcontracted employees signing agreement to not work for my client directly and vise versa

    Hi, I work in the field as a consultant and looking to bring on a couple of 'ghost' report writers to do the work, and then rebrand it as my own. They have no problem with this and is somewhat common in the industry. However, I have concerns that the following, while unlikely, could happen...