SA Inviting Child to Birthday - What to Do without Breaching AVO?

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12 February 2015
" We also attach correspondence received from Mr XX dated 28 July 2015, it is unclear whether the said correspondence was forwarded to your office. Given that legal aid funding has ceased and judgment is pending, we will not be responding to any further correspondence forwarded by Mr XX "

Hi there, the above was the final paragraph in a letter my ex's lawyer sent to the ICL in our 'children's matter' (Mr XX being me of course). A check of Comcourts sees no 'Notice of withdrawal " forms have been filed & the final hearing in family court wrapped up 3 weeks ago so gather " judgment is pending" could possibly be anywhere from next few days to several months away still.

At present I am allowed to collect our child from contact centre each fortnight for 4hrs "play date" before returning her to said contact centre . I am supposed to be phoned by our child with her mum to facilitate such calls & I can send a card or letter to the child each fortnight that mum has to screen first, of course .

My question is, who do I contact in the interim should the need arise as due to the mother's despicable use of the " Domestic Violence Method " in this matter I face arrest for breach of an AVO should I contact her in anyway?

I have a birthday next weekend & my parents & myself were hoping to send correspondence (via me) to the mum through her legal reps. to "beg" to be allowed to have our child also attend & by past experience of this type scenario was expecting to have to 'trade off' my next due visit-or bring my scheduled visit forward a week basically.

I should try through the ICL? Are they even obligated to act on such a scenario?

** My god who would've thought sharing unconditional love between ones self & a child would or could be so unnecessarily dramatized or legalized ? **



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25 April 2014