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BREACH (a backronym: Browser Reconnaissance and Exfiltration via Adaptive Compression of Hypertext) is a security exploit against HTTPS when using HTTP compression. BREACH is built based on the CRIME security exploit. BREACH was announced at the August 2013 Black Hat conference by security researchers Angelo Prado, Neal Harris and Yoel Gluck. The idea had been discussed in community before the announcement.

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  1. R

    WA Shopping Centre Car Park Breach

    Hi, I received a car park breach notice from a shopping centre back in November for $77. I never paid it because I was not in breach of anything I work at the centre but my husbandwas usingmy car that day to do some early Xmas shopping which is why my car was not parked in a staff marked bay...
  2. SimonTrip

    WA anticipatory breach

    Hello, in the situation where it is clear and obvious that party a explicitly ‘repudiates’ a contract by ‘anticipatory breach' and party b ignores it. Aside from missing the opportunity to rescind the contract are there any other repercussions to party b? Thanks
  3. dskb20

    WA Breach of conditional suspended imprisonment order

    I breached my conditional suspended imprisonment order for missing my phone appointment with my councillor will i go back to jail I have since finished the order
  4. dskb20

    Breach of suspended imprisonment order

    I breached my conditional suspended imprisonment order by missing a phone appointment because i forgot to tell my councilor I didn't have a phone will I go to jail I've completed the order
  5. S

    ACT Penalty for too short notice

    If an employment contract requires the employee to give 6 months' notice of resigning but does not mention any penalty for giving shorter notice, then what are the sanctions for giving the legal minimum 2 weeks' notice instead of 6 months? Do the penalties depend on whether the employer breached...
  6. Whistler

    WA breach a suspended sentence

    unforceien circumstances like what makes it unforceien circumstances
  7. A

    NSW Contacting PINOP family it breach of AVO?

    Hi, An AVO is issued against me by police to protect my partner. the AVO says that I must not contact the PINOP family (everyone who’s got domestic relationships with PINOP). Though the PINOP family live and reside overseas and are not Australian citizen or permanent resident. I was wondering...
  8. A

    QLD Probation/suspended breach possible jail?

    Hi so my probation officer has cancelled my probation and is taking me back to court for breaching the conditions. I’ve also got 3 new charges while being on a suspended sentence. Am I going to jail? Do you think they will remand me in custody after the probation breach as my other charges are...
  9. J

    VIC Breach of binding financial agreement

    My ex-husband and I divorced since October last year. After filling the divorce application, we also signed the binding financial agreement that he is to refinance the house he wants to keep (with a big debt) and have me exit the mortgage loan and the title. I was happy for this agreement as I...
  10. H

    QLD Real Estate breach of confidentiality

    I’ve recently moved homes and left my old homes real estate for another. My old real estate was contacted by my mothers ex partner whom she has a DVO on and was asked for my new address. My mother’s ex partner was then given my new address from my old real estate which they had from my exit of...