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BREACH (a backronym: Browser Reconnaissance and Exfiltration via Adaptive Compression of Hypertext) is a security exploit against HTTPS when using HTTP compression. BREACH is built based on the CRIME security exploit. BREACH was announced at the August 2013 Black Hat conference by security researchers Angelo Prado, Neal Harris and Yoel Gluck. The idea had been discussed in community before the announcement.

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  1. B

    NSW Stop Work Order

    NCAT Stop Work Order. I am an Applicant in NCAT proceedings where the Respondent has been issued with Stop Work Orders, and is now in breach, by continuing with the work. NCAT was notified, but is letting it go until the next hearing, which, ironically, is timetabled by the Member a few days...
  2. V

    VIC Child care agreement breach by mother having the custody

    Hello, Legal experts out there. I humbly request guidance in the case of one parent getting rigid to change the child care agreement according to her way in Victoria. Please help as it is causing unnecessary stress. As per the family court agreement settled two years ago and being followed...
  3. Dpj

    VIC Does this constitute a breach?

    Hi All, Here is the summary. I want to seek some compensation. There are a few other minor breaches I can bring up in the contravention (ie, enrolling kid in kinder without discussions). Seeing if a judge may consider it a breach. Interestingly, the Act mainly goes through situations where...
  4. P

    QLD parking breach

    check existing posts this different i go to a shopping centre in sunnybank 3 times a day i have just received a parking breach notice from tms for $77 for parking breach i assume they think i was there all day my question is can a private company impose a monetary fine for this i also wonder...
  5. Individual-public

    WA Are bank transfers a breach of a VRO in Australia?

    Can bank transfers be made if there is a VRO in place? Specifically a bank transfer that requires a description to be sent.
  6. C

    Child Support breach

    If someone is to tell another person how much they receive in child support is this a breach of privacy? No income was exchanged in conversation purely just how much/little they received to a friend. Is this wrong or a breach of privacy and illegal?
  7. E

    Pinop - did i cause the ABH?

    Hi there, my ex partner has now breached an AVO for the third time. we continued the relationship with the final AVO still in place and were seeing each other for three months. An incident occured two days ago on 11-10-21 where the police came and charged him with ABH and another breach. I now...
  8. D

    QLD Sharing details of DVO

    What’s the expectation around disclosure of DV orders by the person who’s been granted a DVO? I’m in somewhat of a pickle because my exgf’s husband has caught us trying to meet up and as his wife and I have priors during their relationship he’s made her take a DVO out on me in reassurance that...
  9. R

    WA Breach of EDL

    Hello, if an EDL licence is cancelled due to an incomplete log book (destination missing) what is the likely outcome ? EDL licence was breeched on the final day before the full licence was reinstated.
  10. N

    QLD i want to sue golden casket for breach of contract anyone out there that can help or advise me on this

    i want to sue golden casket for a clear breach of contract which probably cost me proving a major lotto win/is there any advise or anyone that can help me out there my statute ended end jan this year but they golden casket unfairly treated me really only a few months ago and i did file in court...