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5 January 2019
I’m currently here in Australia on the first year of my 417 Working Holiday Visa with plans to apply for my 2nd year visa in April and by April 2020 I plan to have submitted my application for a partner visa (820) as I am in a defacto relationship with an Australian.

I’m already looking ahead at the forms and documents needed for the 820 visa and I have just looked over my past Australian visa applications and I have noticed a pretty big mistake on my 417 application.

On the question ‘Have you vistited or lived outside of Britain for 3 or more consecutive months in the past 5 years?’ I answered NO to this question as I thought it meant ‘have you visited or lived in a country outside of Britain for 3 or more consecutive months?’ For example, spent 3 or more consecutive months in an individual country ie. France, the US ect.

I have spent more than 3 months outside of Britain as I used to work on cruise ships and have been out of the UK for as long as 10 months. When I submit a 1023 notication of incorrect answer(s) am I likely to have my visa cancelled and be made to leave Australia? How long does it take for a decision to be made?

Ann Zhou

Lawyer & Registered Migration Agent
27 January 2017
Hi Jessle,

Whether your current 417 visa will be canceled will depend on how relevant your incorrect answers were. But you did a right thing to fill up form 1023 to correct the mistakes.
It is hard to say how long your form 1023 will be viewed, sometime it will not affect your current visa if you made an honest mistake.

Ann @