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Citizenship is the status of a person recognized under the custom or law as being a legal member of a sovereign state. A person may have multiple citizenships and a person who does not have citizenship of any state is said to be stateless.
Nationality is often used as a synonym for citizenship in English – notably in international law – although the term is sometimes understood as denoting a person's membership of a nation (a large ethnic group). In some countries, e.g. the United States, the United Kingdom, nationality and citizenship can have different meanings (for more information, see Nationality versus citizenship).

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  1. H

    NSW citizenship certificate

    the city of sydney website states: "The certificate is legal proof of your Australian citizenship. You can frame the certificate later but it must not be laminated (as it will no longer be a legal document)." If someone has mistakenly done lamination to preserve the certificate, what are the...
  2. igdav

    Working outside of Australia while awaiting for AU citizenship.

    Can I work outside of Australia but for an Australian company, and pay taxes to the AU government, while I'm waiting for my citizenship application to be approved? I'm a holder of a 186 visa. Will this harm my citizenship application?
  3. C

    Proving citizenship of someone else ?

    Hi, My father is an australian citizen and I was born abroad. I would like to obtain australian citizenship, but I’m not in contact with my father anymore. It seems that his citizenship certificate is mandatory for the application ? Can I obtain a certificate proving his citizenship myself ? Can...
  4. R

    QLD Will getting Citizenship jeaprodise my wife's PR Status?

    Hi All, My wife is on Visa 186 ( applicant type - Dependent) I am currently applying for citizenship. When my citizenship comes through, will it affect my wife's PR status? Thank you in advance.
  5. S

    NSW Citizenship application while on Conditional Release Order

    Hello, Next month I would meet the residency requirements to be eligible to apply for citizenship. In January this year however I had a drink driving offense (1st and only offense I have) and got a Conditional Release Order for 18 months. I was not fined and my license was not suspended. The...
  6. B

    VIC Australian Citizenship with Criminal record

    Hi, I have applied for the citizenship last week and I am a bit worried as I have a criminal record listed against me. I was found guilty of shop steal but there was no conviction or fine. This was my first and last offence in Australia. I never had any serious traffic offence either and always...
  7. G

    NSW Eligibility to apply for an exemption to the citizenship requirements

    Eligibility to apply for an exemption to the citizenship requirements I have been lawful in Australia since April 2014 (almost 15 years). I came here staying on a working holiday visa first and then changed to a 457 Visa which I reapplied for once expired or when I changed my employer. Since...
  8. M

    NSW Australian Citizenship application from overseas

    I applied for Australian Citizenship last year August 2018 from overseas and have been on work assignment in Asia. I have been back to Australia and have more trips planned this year to visit family. Will they still assess my application while I am overseas? Do I physically need to be in...
  9. O

    NSW Citizenship for children on immigration visa not complying with general residence requirement

    Under 189 Skilled Immigration visa, If I and my entire family were unable to comply with general residence requirement (as we stayed outside Australia for more than 12 months in 4 years) for obtaining Australian citizenship, will my children still be able to obtain Australian citizenship since...
  10. U

    VIC Family Violence Intervention Order and Citizenship Application

    Hi, My wife has taken the intervention order against me and within 3 months she wants to come back by changing the intervention orders. We both are permanent residents and our application for citizenship is due in 3 years. My question is that going to affect my citizenship application i.e...