QLD I have been questioned by police after my ex employer is accusing me of taking 46k of cash over two years.

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12 July 2020
Hi today the police the had me come up to the station for a formal interview in regards to my ex employer accusing me of 46k of theft from the til over two years.

First off i have done no such thing and really taken back buy it as they decided to raise this issue on my last day of leaving a few months back.

This place is accusing of faking 372 credits the total amount i had done after working there for 2.5 years they wreckon i did those credits and took the cash with no item ever being recieved.

The police have gained access to my bank statesments without my knowledge and asked me about numerous under $300 atm desposits i have.i have bit of a hobby of collecting scrap metal and car parts from rubbish bins and selling them.

Apparently after 10years of not doing a stocktake and company takeover they have done one and said all the parts i credited are missing.

I told the manager numerous times about missing big ticket items and they were just written off and hidden.

What can i do?what proof do they need?place has no cameras and or even a working safe and numerous people had keys and access to the place and used same alarm codes.

And my userid can be used on any computer as it has no pincode at all.


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6 February 2019
What can i do?
See a lawyer ASAP .... Should have done it BEFORE agreeing to interview with police... you should have a recording of police interview, if not get one.. Take it with you when you see a lawyer


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27 May 2014
I agree, see a lawyer.

Do not say any more to the police until after speaking with a lawyer.