QLD EX Employer accusing me of theft

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14 February 2020
Hi,so i handed in my 4 weeks notice about a month ago for company i have worked for approx 2.5 years.

This week was my last and i have been sick all week,i have valid medical certficates and the boss has texted me asking for me to come in "as a issue has surfaced he needs to discuss with me"i have said no as i'm sick i have said happy to discuss over the phone,he has said no 'i'd like to give you good oppotunity to respond" i have said no i'm not coming in.

I have then said i'd like to know what these issues are in writing for my records so i can reply back in writing.

Again they insist i come in,i said no not going happen,then they say since i would come in they will have to deal with it through appropiate avenues.
They refuse to tell me what the issue is.

I have spoken to a collegue they accusing me of theft,i find it a tad weird on my final day to pull this stunt i have never stolen anything from this ex employer.

My question is what do i do?what can they do?
What evidence do they need?i'm tad worried if they can just say i've stolen and i get charged.

This place has had missing stock like crazy for years they never do stocktakes.


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27 May 2014
Your options:

1. Ignore them. They will decide what to do without any input from you. With no information about any alleged thefts I can't say what will happen.

2. When better, go in and take a support person. Listen to what they accuse you of while not saying anything that may be interpreted as an admission of guilt. You and your support person take notes during the meeting and expand the notes when you get home. Keep the meeting notes in a safe place. Be careful! If police turn up, give a no comment interview. Give no information beyond name and address, then go see a lawyer. Do not even admit you worked there. Police are not your friends in this situation so give them nothing, zip, zilch, zero except name and address.

If the employer makes allegations against you, get specifics - don't accept a general statement saying you stole from us. Find out what they allege was stolen and when. Ask to see their evidence. If they say we don't have to show you, which they don't, it is likely they have no evidence.